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21 Plants You Should Never Eat Or Touch

Learn as much as you can about plants, I always say to myself. Until now, I was mostly concerned on safe to eat plants, thinking about how knowing every good plant out there is crucial for surviving in the wilderness. Read more

13 Foods that Fight Pain

While many foods taste great, they are also powerful healers in a vibrant multicolor disguise. The best healing remedies also taste fabulous (I can’t say that about any prescription medications). Plus, foods won’t cause the nasty common side effects that… Read more

A Sensitive Survival Topic: Hygiene

Any number of short to long-term disasters could leave you without power and/or running water. The result is a serious but difficult topic in prepping: hygiene. Without running water, using your toilet becomes problematic. And showering Read more

How To Treat Blisters And Itches Naturally

When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere for days, trying to stay alive, there are a lot of things you and your loved ones need to protect yourselves from. You might first think of keeping safe from large and dangerous animals, having enough to eat and to drink, not to freeze to death if it’s really cold… Read more

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