How To Survive The Upcoming Water Crisis

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How To Survive The Upcoming Water Crisis
How To Survive The Upcoming Water Crisis. Photo – Pixabay (PD)

We take water for granted. We never see it as nothing more than a commodity, always there for the taking. It’s abundant and it’s everywhere. You can easily access a water tap almost everywhere (be it at home, in public institutions or even public water fountains) and you can use it at your heart’s desire. You can let the sprinkler run freely and just get the job done. We almost never consider whether we’re being wasteful or not when it comes to water, based on the premise that water can never run out, that it’s a never-ending source and it’s always going to be within our reach. But it’s not like that. Many factors along the years have changed things dramatically; and if we don’t take a good look at how things really are at the present, we might not get the future that we’re all hoping for. We haven’t run out of water… yet. But things are bound to change, and soon; and it’s up to us to act!

What’s Going On Now?

At this point, California is facing its fourth year of constant drought. It’s been year after year of constant aridity, weather conditions being resumed to increasing heat and massively decreasing precipitations, as they’re clearly shown here. In the given conditions, there is no future for agricultural activities or fisheries; even the municipal water supplies face extinction at one point or another. According to experts, the drought conditions seem to be advancing and other states will share the same fate in the not so distant future. And when it comes to preserving the water reserves, America doesn’t seem to be doing so well. At the present, the freshwater reserve is being consumed faster than it can actually be replenished. Except California, other states are bound to experience the effects very soon.

Yes, California is only the starting point. Today, about 80% of the U.S. is abnormally arid and dry, and according to recent data, this seems to be the driest year on record so far. But according to calculations and weather previsions, next year’s conditions are going to be even worse. We are currently the heaviest consumer of fresh water in the world. According to a recent estimate, we consume trillions of gallons of fresh water each year (throughout 150,000 water systems); but simply turning the tap off is not the best of options either, as our industries and economy are heavily dependent on water flow. Reducing the water usage drastically will easily debilitate the economy, that’s not doing too well anyway. The current water infrastructure seems to be outdated. An upgrade would not solve much of the crisis, just better the numbers a little. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the current state of the infrastructure is nothing more than a D; and repairing it would last about 20 years and cost trillions of taxpayer’s dollars.

Man-made Drought

Apparently, these the current arid conditions are not 100% Mother Nature’s work. Some would go even so far as to say that the drought conditions are being artificially maintained through military interventions. In the last years, many have witnessed the event in which cloud formations (capable of producing precipitations) would simply disappear into thin air after jet planes would make their presence heard. In no time the clouds would simply fade away, and the sky would remain filled with chemtrails (the trail jet planes leave behind when flying). Beyond the shadow of a doubt, these jet planes are interfering in the natural order of things by dissipating rain clouds with the help of the so-called SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering), which has been in the possession of the military for many years now. It’s officially supposed to be a weapon for climate engineering to benefit against global warming.

You must be asking yourself why would anyone want to create and maintain desert weather conditions because this seems to make little sense. The answer is easy: financial gain and control for all the “right people”. It’s basically a plot set up in order to benefit big corporations and their money-making habits. Once the water reserve drops lower than ever, those who still have restricted access to it will sell it in no time for unimaginable amounts of money. And it’s begun already: you can find bottled water in the U.S. that can go on sale for as much as $13 / 2.5 gallons! Just imagine how much the water will cost once this grim plan is completed.


What’s To Be Done?

Although it might think we’re playing a losing game, that we are doomed from the start, there are still ways in which we can fight back and now let ourselves fall victims to corporate greed. There are a few simple steps to follow in order to break the chain and remain completely independent. This is what you must do:

Build Your Own Water Harvesting System:

The principle is based on a device that was used originally in the Arabian Desert. What this type of contraction does is to capture water vapors (which are everywhere) and transform them into clear, drinking water. Such a device is very energy-efficient, cost-friendly and it can be assembled even by the clumsiest person in no time at all. You can produce about 8 gallons of fresh water for about $1 a day, and with no assistance from your part: just turn it on and watch the magic happen.

Store Your Water:

I think the easiest way of storing water is in five-gallon containers. These containers are easy to open and to move around, rather than gallon drums. And make sure you have enough. Six five-gallon containers will supply a person with a month reserve on drinking water. I also suggest storing them in various places; if water reserves run so low that people will stop at nothing in getting it, you should spread your reserves around, so that in case of an attack, they won’t be found easily.

Learn To Locate Water:

For some reason or another, you may find yourself unprepared, stranded or forced to abandon your home. Learning how to locate water sources is a life-saving skill, which you absolutely must master in order to survive.

Apparently, we’re being target by the people we’re should look up to for protection. When it comes to human emotions, it’s not only love but also greed that has no boundaries. Don’t let yourself fall victim to such mischievous plans. Fight back with everything you have, follow my friendly set of advice and you will be just fine.

by My Family Survival Plan

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