5 Ways To Keep Looters Away From YOUR Home – Part 1 of 2

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5 Ways To Keep Looters Away From YOUR Home

I’m sure you’ve seen this message “Looters will be shot” before on TV, or on the internet. Or maybe one of your neighbors has already written it on his house walls. But I wouldn’t suggest you do the same thing. And I’ll tell you why in just a moment.

But let’s see why this whole fuss about looters began in the first place. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a lot of people were forced to evacuate their homes and leave everything inside. But they never found them when they went back. And no, it wasn’t the storm. It was looters. They started walking around from house to house, guns in their hands, stealing money and valuables. And threatening or even injuring everyone who dared get in the way.

But they didn’t get to leave unpunished. By the time they finished their “rounds”, people organized a resistance group. They were armed and thirsty for vengeance. And they wanted the whole world to know it. So they got a spray paint and they wrote this message on a wall: “Looters will be shot”. And that’s how it all began.

After this incident, more and more people marked their own walls with way, hoping to protect their stockpile and their families. But here’s the thing: lotters not only loot for food, water and gas stoves. They also loot for guns. And that message written on your wall clearly states: “I’ve got guns, come and get them when I’m not home!” And you don’t want a bunch of violent criminals rummaging your home and scaring your kids, do you?

So here’s how you can keep looters far away from your house, with almost no risk at all:

1. Make your house look unappealing

That doesn’t mean you should trash your front yard, your windows, and doors, as others advise. In fact, that’s another rookie mistake. An already trashed house makes an easy target (looters LOVE easy targets) and it may reveal hidden treasures others didn’t bother to look for.

So don’t start ruining your house, there’s no need for extreme measures. Just make it less appealing than your neighbors’. Yes, it’s very selfish and may sound mean, but that’s what it takes to keep your family safe and sound. So if your house stands out among the others, fix that. Make it look like it hasn’t been renovated in a long time, scratch the paint off the walls every here and there. And keep your valuables away from windows (your TV, your home office, expensive furniture etc).

2. Make it almost impossible for looters to break into your home

Keep looters far away from your front door by setting “obstacles” all around your front yard. Plant roses or other thorn bushes in front of your windows, so they can’t get close to your house. Avoid keeping tall bushes or trees in your garden, where looters can easily hide.

Next, check out if your door is protective enough. The first thing you need to do: invest in a high-end bolt lock on your door. Not the kind your grandkids could break in less than a minute… I mean the kind you could easily use in a state prison.

When it comes to protecting your home, watch for the soft spots. If you’ve got big, fragile windows, cover them with a protective sheet. You can find it at any Walmart, it’s not expensive, but it will surely make the glass harder to break.

And last, but not least… get a big, mean-looking dog, like a Rottweiler or a pitbull. If trained well, you’ll have a wonderful companion that your family will love… and the most fierceful bodyguard you could ever have!

I’ll stop here for today, but I’ll be back with 3 more home defense golden rules. So stay tuned and… stay safe!
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  • By Rich, May 25, 2016 @ 04:50

    We all have guns. …well we say no … but in canada… we look after each other . …expt rcmp breaking into houses and taking fire arms. When is a flood.

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