Cheap Breakfast For Surviving Hard Times

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Cheap Breakfast for Surviving Hard Times

I know. I love the big cooked breakfast too. But here’s a way to save some dough… for only 10-cents per serving, you could enjoy a healthy and inexpensive breakfast (or any meal) with a cracked grain cereal mix. Here’s how…

9 Grain Cracked Cereal Mix

You may be affected by hard times, or you are simply looking for ways to be more frugal with your food budget while searching for ways to squeeze a bit more out of your budget.

With rising food prices, even small changes in spending habits can add up to big savings over time. This particular cracked-grain cereal breakfast tip is one that you might consider. It tastes good, and it’s healthy!

9-grain cracked cereal is just that, a mixture of nine cracked grains (the kernel of the grain is literally cracked-split). There are many types, varieties, and brands available out there… One that I like is available from Honeyville (they are not an advertiser or affiliated with us). It contains Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, Soft White Wheat, Corn Grits, Barley Grits, Steel-Cut Oats, Cracked Rye, Millet, and Flaxseed.

The most economical way to purchase this is in a 50-pound bag, which as of this post is priced at $51. As with anything, your money is stretched much further if you buy in bulk.

To calculate the cost per serving, which is 1/4 cup,

50 pounds = 800 ounces
1 cup of this mix weighs 6 ounces, so there are 133 cups in this 50-pound bag (800 / 6)
4 (servings per cup) x 133 (cups in this 50 pound bag) = 533 servings per 50 pound bag
$51 / 533 servings = $0.095 per serving – call it 10-cents

That’s right… just 10-cents!

9-Grain Recipe


Add 1/4 cup of nine-grain cracked cereal to 1 cup of water and heat slowly for about 20 minutes (or microwave for 2 minutes – let stand for a few more).

After cooking, you can add additional toppings for added flavor such as a pinch of salt, butter, sugar, or honey. My favorite is to simply add a tablespoon of honey.

Not only does it taste good, but this small quantity of grains will keep you feeling full for many hours (due to the fiber content) and entirely eliminate cravings.

One serving contains:

140 calories (add 60 for Tbsp of Honey)
10 fat calories – 1 gram
28 grams total carbohydrate
5 grams fiber
5 grams protein

This 9-grain mix is a great survival preparedness food to include in your food storage because it is easy to store, inexpensive, and has over 500 servings per 50-pound bag!

By Ken Jorgustin –

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  1. there is 7 grain and I believe I have 12 grain. I know my dad had visions of this day coming and his church threw him out but he had taught me so many things that he was going to do for others and he had cans and cans of foods , I mean huge amts! He had cots , lanterns, they learned to grind grain for cornmeal to red wheat ( a very hard wheat daddy couldn’t grind w his hand grinder. It breaks my heart to know Dad heard GOD right on, but the timing was desperate to daddy & GOD held off….that’s been about 15 yrs ago….My dad had built the church (he loved Jesus) & he always said do not go to a church w/o checks & balances for that can be dangerous.But it was still dangerous. Our churches are sleeping right now anyway. It hurt him that they thought he was so wrong but he wasn’t. He died (with a broken heart) but LOVED JESUS. All the grains were thrown out, his wife sold everything else & married in a mo…. I can’t tell you how broken I am for my DAD. He taught me right too. He even bought a piece of land and had every kind of fruit & nut tree possible & worked so hard. She sold the land and it was hidden in a lot of trees. I wish I had that land now. May my DAD rest in peace until our LORD takes him to his home.
    I have the videos for aquaponics & a huge tub to put the fish in but I need to live in the country and I have no way to move and I wanted a group of people interested in the same things and there are none plus I am not strong enough to do it all alone. If you know anywhere I could go and take all I know and have, I’d go and help as much as possible . I am a nurse by trade also….Is there anyone who would do this with me? In a hidden piece of land way out somewhere? If anyone is interested,–just thought I’d ask.
    God be with you all for it is going to be death to many I am seeing and it will not be just shot at…..If you check Gen. 6, you will see the giants, (nephilim) & catch the wording, (& after that) meaning some still exist. So when you think of revelation and the beast, it’s not wrong. There are about 4 other mentions of whats coming that we have looked over for so long. See Chuck Missler and nephilim on utube….warning it is frightful….I would not believe it except I personally saw a UFO so close to my head and it was a bright white, blinding, and silent about the size of 3/4 of a football field….but I ran into my house immediately because I thought it was going to pick me up! I don’t drink!
    Anyway I don’t check my email a lot but I will keep an eye on it if someone has a place where I can be a part of the family. I’ve been praying for that.

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