Zombies Could Never Catch You On A Dirt Bike

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Zombies Could Never Catch You On A Dirt Bike
Zombies Could Never Catch You On A Dirt Bike. Photo – Pixabay (PD)

In the face of disaster, nuclear war, and the impending collapse of Western civilization, mankind will always be able to rely on two particular things when it starts to hit the fan: their trusty canine friends, and dirt bikes. When disaster strikes, you likely won’t be traveling the 13,000 miles that the average American logs per year. But transportation can be the dividing line between supplies and communications in the event that grids and networks shut down, making it crucial for survivalists to look for a solution. Why is a dirt bike the best choice for survivalists?

Fuel Efficiency

Unlike episodes of “The Walking Dead” where the survivors drive a gas-guzzling Pontiac, a true disaster scenario will severely limit a person’s access to gasoline or diesel fuel. The United States burns through 20 million barrels of oil per day, but as soon as there are no consumers left on the road, you can be sure the tankers and pipelines will direct their black gold in another direction. Dirt bikes give you unparalleled fuel efficiency for one or two riders, since the weight of the bike is often less than 300 pounds (compared to a car that weighs 5,000 or more pounds), and you’ll get upwards of 50 to 60 miles per gallon.

Backwoods Ventures

If you need to get out into the thick of the wilderness to escape collapse, build a shelter or hunt for food, how far would you get in a hybrid or Hummer? Dirt bikes let you go over hill and dale, between trees, up and down sand dunes, through rivers, and on extremely steep slopes. Can you imagine driving a car on Poison Spider Mesa of Utah in order to get access to water and supplies? A much stronger suspension and shocks allow dirt bike riders to penetrate the backwoods without coming away with a ruined vehicle and a slipped disc in their backs.

Parts And Repair

Could you change your car’s transmission fluid if you had to? Breakdowns only occur at the worst possible time, and during a survival situation, every time is the worst possible time. Perhaps the greatest advantage of a dirt bike lies in the ease of repair, since fixing one rarely involves anything more than draining the engine, cleaning the parts, and filling it back up with oil, coolant, and fuel. Remember that you want to stock up on brand-specific dirt bike parts so that you know there will be a good fit in the event of a breakdown.

Pack Mules

A simple 100cc dirt bike can transport a person of nearly any size and height from one point to the other. While you may find it a bit difficult to carry more than a few basics on the back of a beginner’s bike, such as a water tank and some camping supplies, the 450cc dirt bikes meant for off-road excursions can be loaded down with more weight than the bike itself. Meant for larger riders carrying lots of gear, these higher-octane bikes let you bring the biggest bug-out bag you can get your hands on, as well as auxiliary packs carrying fuel or trade goods.

By Tim Martin


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