Top 100 High ORAC Value Antioxidant Foods

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Top 100 High ORAC Value Antioxidant Foods

The ORAC values of the following spices-herbs-foods are rated very high (healthy) and are worth considering in your diet and preps for your overall health and well-being.

ORAC is an abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and was developed by the National Institutes of Health in Baltimore.

In short, ORAC units measure the antioxidant capacity of foods. The higher, the better.

It is widely believed that high antioxidant foods help greatly to lower the risks of cancer, degeneration, and disease.

Here’s the list:

UPDATE: Add your comments regarding foods-herbs-spices which you believe to be high in antioxidants. The list I’ve put together here is not all-inclusive (no list ever is ;) )
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Have a look at the following list of food and spices and consider making a conscious effort to obtain and consume more of them in your normal diet. Ones health is paramount to survival!

(data sourced from the US Department of Agriculture during 2010)

The USDA recommends an ORAC unit ingestion of about 3000 to 5000 units daily.

The ORAC value of a given food will vary due to growing conditions, processing conditions, specific variety and others.

ORAC values listed here are in units of µmol TE/100g. (micromol Trolox Equivalent per 100 grams)

Trolox equivalency is used as a benchmark for the antioxidant capacity.

UPDATE (2014): The USDA has apparently removed their ORAC listings. If someone finds a USDA link, please comment below.

This is not medical advice.

ORAC Value Top 20 list


ORAC Value list 21 – 40


ORAC Value list 41 – 60


ORAC Value list 61 – 80


ORAC Value list 81 – 100


ORAC Value list, Top 100

1 Cloves, ground 314,446
2 Sumac bran 312,400
3 Cinnamon, ground 267,536
4 Sorghum, bran, raw 240,000
5 Oregano, dried 200,129
6 Turmeric, ground 159,277
7 Acai berry, freeze-dried 102,700
8 Sorghum, bran, black 100,800
9 Sumac, grain, raw 86,800
10 Cocoa powder, unsweetened 80,933
11 Cumin seed 76,800
12 Maqui berry, powder 75,000
13 Parsley, dried 74,349
14 Sorghum, bran, red 71,000
15 Basil, dried 67,553
16 Baking chocolate, unsweetened 49,926
17 Curry powder 48,504
18 Sorghum, grain, hi-tannin 45,400
19 Chocolate, dutched powder 40,200
20 Maqui berry, juice 40,000
21 Sage 32,004
22 Mustard seed, yellow 29,257
23 Ginger, ground 28,811
24 Pepper, black 27,618
25 Thyme, fresh 27,426
26 Marjoram, fresh 27,297
27 Goji berries 25,300
28 Rice bran, crude 24,287
29 Chili powder 23,636
30 Sorghum, grain, black 21,900
31 Chocolate, dark 20,823
32 Flax hull lignans 19,600
33 Chocolate, semisweet 18,053
34 Pecans 17,940
35 Paprika 17,919
36 Chokeberry, raw 16,062
37 Tarragon, fresh 15,542
38 Ginger root, raw 14,840
39 Elderberries, raw 14,697
40 Sorghum, grain, red 14,000
41 Peppermint, fresh 13,978
42 Oregano, fresh 13,978
43 Walnuts 13,541
44 Hazelnuts 9,645
45 Cranberries, raw 9,584
46 Pears, dried 9,496
47 Savory, fresh 9,465
48 Artichokes 9,416
49 Kidney beans, red 8,459
50 Pink beans 8,320
51 Black beans 8,040
52 Pistachio nuts 7,983
53 Currants 7,960
54 Pinto beans 7,779
55 Plums 7,581
56 Chocolate, milk chocolate 7,528
57 Lentils 7,282
58 Agave, dried 7,274
59 Apples, dried 6,681
60 Garlic powder 6,665
61 Blueberries 6,552
62 Prunes 6,552
63 Sorghum, bran, white 6,400
64 Lemon balm, leaves 5,997
65 Soybeans 5,764
66 Onion powder 5,735
67 Blackberries 5,347
68 Garlic, raw 5,346
69 Cilantro leaves 5,141
70 Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon 5,034
71 Raspberries 4,882
72 Basil, fresh 4,805
73 Almonds 4,454
74 Dill weed 4,392
75 Cowpeas 4,343
76 Apples, red delicious 4,275
77 Peaches, dried 4,222
78 Raisins, white 4,188
79 Apples, granny smith 3,898
80 Dates 3,895
81 Wine, red 3,873
82 Strawberries 3,577
83 Peanut butter, smooth 3,432
84 Currants, red 3,387
85 Figs 3,383
86 Cherries 3,365
87 Gooseberries 3,277
88 Apricots, dried 3,234
89 Peanuts, all types 3,166
90 Cabbage, red 3,145
91 Broccoli 3,083
92 Apples 3,082
93 Raisins 3,037
94 Pears 2,941
95 Agave 2,938
96 Blueberry juice 2,906
97 Cardamom 2,764
98 Guava 2,550
99 Lettuce, red leaf 2,380
100 Concord grape juice 2,377

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Top 100 High ORAC Value Antioxidant Foods
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