The Most Affordable Survival Superfoods

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The Most Affordable Survival Superfoods
The Most Affordable Survival Superfoods. Photos – Pixabay (PD), Wikipedia 1 (lic. under CC 2.0), 2 (lic. under GNU 1.2)

In my opinion, nutrition is one of the most crucial issues in any survivalist’s life. It’s useful for everyone to learn about superfoods and survival foods – and stocking up on long-term foods for our survival should become a daily routine.


The good thing is there are a lot of affordable survival superfoods out there (both nutrient-dense and long-lasting), so you can start preparing for the unknown. You can find plenty of suggestions on the Internet, but I want to highlight the really amazing foods that are a must for every survivalist. The ones that check the benefits list top to bottom: they’re great in terms of nutritional characteristics, with a very long shelf life and light on the pocket (some of them are ridiculously cheap). Sounds delicious, right..?

Here’s the full list:

#1: Superfood seeds  (hemp, flax or chia – the ancient American superfood of the Aztecs)

They are called the ultimate preparedness food. Every little seed of chia or hemp is a highly concentrated dose of fibers, vitamins, essential Omega 3-fatty acids, and minerals. They last several years without going rancid so they’re great for long-term survival. You can get a bag of any of these super seeds for less than 5 bucks and add them to every meal.

#2: Brown rice

Not many people include brown rice in their meals, even though it’s an amazing superfood. It has about 3 grams of fiber per half cup, way more nutrients than white rice and has a really long shelf life – stored properly, it can last for over 10 years.

It’s high in carbohydrates, so eating brown rice gives you a boost of energy when you put yourself through tiring physical effort. And here’s the best part: it’s only 10 cents per serving at most supermarkets. Just give it a try, you’ll save a lot of many and get a load of benefits.

#3: Beans

With a minimum shelf life of 5-6 years (pinto beans can go up to 30 years) and a cost per serving of only 18 cents/half cup cooked, beans are on every prepper’s list of affordable survival superfoods. You can store them dried or canned, but make sure you keep them in a cool and dry location.

#4: Quinoa

2013 was the International Year of Quinoa and you know why? It is the only plant food that has all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. It also easily adapts to different climates and it’s considered to have an important role in eradicating hunger because of these nutritional characteristics.

Dried quinoa can last an amazing 25 years or more, so go ahead and invest in bulk supply – a pound costs between $5 and $8 and you can cook tens of dishes with it.

#5: Cabbage

I’m sure you often overlook it, but this green is more nutritious than people are aware of. It has disease-fighting superpowers (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, high in vitamins, folic acid, and antioxidants; it’s also an amazing source of fiber).

It costs as little as 11 cents a serving, it’s available throughout the year and it stores well for 12 to 18 months in the freezers.

Attention: Don’t wash it before storing it, it will considerably shorten its life.

#6: Peanut butter

It’s not only a great superfood but also a treat to have on hand. It’s full of proteins, magnesium, fats, and carbs – a staple survival food for most preppers.

Easily stored in vacuum-sealed jars for up to 5 years in root cellar conditions, peanut butter makes an excellent long-term survival food to include in your stockpile. Not as cheap as the other foods at $5 a jar, but it’s worth it and you can look up for good deals and buy it on discount.

A good alternative to peanut butter is almond butter (it has the same properties). Try them both and see which one your family likes better.

These superfoods are the best options at hand, in my opinion. It’s because they offer you all the nutrients you need, in a concentrated form and also last a great deal of time. And these are the two criteria you should evaluate survival food by nutritional power and shelf life.

If you know other affordable superfoods that meet these two criteria, please share them with us.

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The Most Affordable Survival Superfoods
The Most Affordable Survival Superfoods. Photos – Pixabay (PD), Wikipedia 1 (lic. under CC 2.0), 2 (lic. under GNU 1.2)

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