Dangerous Clothes That You Wear Every Day

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Dangerous Clothes That You Wear Every Day

Some of us are willing to go to extremes in order to make a solid fashion statement. We will push the envelope as far as we possibly can just to feel good in our skin, to get noticed and turn heads. We’ll dip our hair in noxious hair paints and gels, we’ll shove our feet in uncomfortable footwear or we’ll try to squeeze in tighter clothes each passing day in order to fool the ever-vigilant eye of the judgmental society we happen to be part of.

The last thing we consider (if we consider it all) is our personal health and how we endanger it in order to appease the gods of fashion and glamour. But endangering your health just for the sake of looking good doesn’t necessarily require ultra-uncomfortable platform shoes or body corsets. Everyday pieces of clothing can harm too!

Facial piercings can cause nerve damage!

face piercings carry high risk

Going full-rebel and getting you face pierced (be it nose, lip, chin or eyebrow) might be fun and games at first. But make sure the full-rebel doesn’t go full-retard when you find yourself either cross-eyed or with a partially paralyzed faced, drooling from the corner of your mouth. Scientific studies conducted in early 2011 have shown that face piercings carry high risk of damaging the facial trigeminal nerve (which conducts physical sensation to the neural center). This particular nerve is in direct correlation with the cerebellum and the vestibular nucleus, which are directly responsible for body posture and body alignment. So getting a piercing put in without having the slightest idea of face’s anatomy might result in getting a lazy eye, loss of balance and stability, constant headaches and other. The same study I referred to before showed that people who experienced these syndromes immediately felt better after the face piercings were removed. But as soon as they were put back in, the symptoms seemed to reappear.

The necktie can affect ones eyesight!

Looking like a million bucks, neat and clean spells nothing but “respectable”, right? Well, yes, but the gentleman’s seal, the necktie, can also spell glaucoma; it’s one of the most common eye diseases of the 20th and 21st century, and if not treated properly and in haste, it can lead to permanent loss of vision. It’s caused by a tight necktie around the neck acting la a tourniquet, obstructing blood flow in the head and creating high pressure in the eye bulb. Studies conducted in July 2003 on a group of 40 men (half of which was healthy while the other half was glaucoma sufferers) have shown worrying results after the men were asked to tighten their neckties beyond comfortable levels for 3 minutes. The intraocular pressure was measured and this is what came up: 60% of glaucoma sufferers and 70% of the healthy men showed increase intraocular pressure! This was the result of the obstruction of the jugular vein, which returns blood from the head to the heart. Continuous exposure to this type of treatment will undoubtedly lead to permanent loss of vision.

The bra can debilitate the immune system and sleep patterns!

bra can debilitate the immune system

What would women do without bras? Those with huge packages would find even the simplest task, like walking, annoying as hell. While the ones with nothing to show but a flat chest would be lost without the wonders of a puffed up bra. But bras have downsides too! In 1999, some Japanese researchers have conducted a study which attributed hormonal imbalance and abnormal sleeping patterns to the usage of the undergarment. The testing was conducted over a period of 10 days, in which the women would wear brassieres overnight and the scientists would constantly test their rectal temperature, saliva and urine. It turned out that the patience saliva contained dangerously low levels of melatonin. This was attributed to the skin pressure caused by bras, which suppressed the production of the hormone. Melatonin regulates the sleeping patterns (wake up / sleep time), the immune system, and in women, it also regulates the menstrual cycle. So it’s easy to see why it’s important to keep your melatonin levels within normal range.

The skinny jeans can wreck your nerves!

skinny jeans

The skinny jeans are available everywhere and to everyone in today’s modern society. They go by many names: drain pipes, pegs, cigarette pants etc. And because they’re so innocently-sounding you might be tempted to think they pose no threat to one’s health, but you’d be wrong. It’s been demonstrated neurologists and public warnings have been issued that skinny jeans can compress the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which runs down your thigh. Through constant constriction, it will start to backfire and send a random burst of pain sensation to the central command, until it crashes completely. The end result is a condition known as meralgia paraesthetica (aka the Bernhardt‐Roth syndrome), a neurological disorder that can cause random bursts of pain numbness, hypersensitivity to heat, even atrophy in severe cases.

The accessories you have on you can be toxic!

The accessories

If you ever remember buying or at least noticing small merchants that sell chains, phone cases or other trinkets in the street or small shops, you’ll be horrified to know that most of the items I’m talking about are highly toxic and life threatening! Lead (Pb) was the original main ingredient in the industry, but due to its harmful properties, it was replaced with cadmium (Cd) along the way. This is like trading the devil for Satan, as cadmium itself is a carcinogen for the liver, the bones, and the kidneys! But it’s cheap and available. Studies conducted on 92 pieces of tween jewelry have shown that 90 pieces exceeded 30 times the recommended amount of cadmium exposure, while 2 of them exceeded the limit 100 times over! Studies regarding lead poisoning conducted on women’s purses have displayed similar numbers to those found in cadmium research.

So there you have it. Know you know. Keep away from no-name brands. Their manufacturers use cheap, harmful materials and abide by no health regulations or norms. Don’t risk your health just to look pretty!

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