Prepare Your Mind For The Coming Crisis – Part 3 –

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Coping With Negative Feelings: Pain

Today we’re going to start a series of articles about dealing with negative feelings during the crisis. These are specific emotions or sensations that are likely to occur in disaster situations. And I’m going to show you exactly how to identify them and fight them off in no time.

So let’s take them one by one and discover simple strategies to flush them out of your system:

First, we’re going to talk about pain.

If you’ve ever experienced a bad headache or a burning stomach, you know just how tough it is to cope with pain. And when you don’t have immediate access to medication, it could last for hours or even days (for example migraines, appendicitis or infected injuries)!

But you need to keep in mind that pain is your body’s way of telling you something’s wrong. If it weren’t for pain, you could bleed to death and not even realise it. So here’s what you need to do if you feel pain or discomfort:

Identify the source

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify exactly where it hurts. If you’ve got a problem recognizing the source of your pain, ask a family member or a close friend to give you a quick check up. Just lie down on your back and ask your improvised doctor to slightly press on the area where you hurt the most. When the “soft spot” is directly pressed on, you should feel more intense pain and discomfort.

Try to find a way to relieve the pain

The quickest way to get rid of it is medication, so you should always keep a couple of painkillers on you, wherever you go. If there’s no access to pills, though, look for natural remedies, such as teas, foods or plants known for relieving a certain type of pain (menthol for stomach burns, lavender for headaches etc).

Also, find the body position that makes you feel most comfortable. You can try lying down on your back, on your stomach, sitting on a chair, standing up or whatever else could make you feel better.

Get some help

It doesn’t have to be a doctor or nurse. Anyone can help you with something, whether it’s finding you a doctor or a nurse or just bringing you a glass of water or simply holding your hand to support you through your suffering.

Describe your pain as detailed as you can to the person helping you. Describe every change you feel and try to figure out a way to relieve the pain together. Two heads are better than one, especially when you’re already blinded by pain and can’t think straight.

Just put your trust into the person helping you and stay open to suggestions. The worst thing you can do is give up and refuse help.

Try to take your mind off the pain

This works best with minor and medium pains, such as stomach aches, headaches, post-injury pains, nausea and fever. If you have the possibility, read a book, a newspaper or a magazine. If not, try to think of all the great moments in your life, like you’re watching a movie. Or even replay a movie you liked in your head. Or simply imagine what you’d like to do if you felt better. This can actually give you the will to fight off the pain quicker.

If you’ve got a friend with you, ask them to tell you a story, a joke or even sing to you. It’s guaranteed to relieve the pain and make you smile.

That’s all about pain for today, we’ll talk more about negative feelings next time. Until then, stay safe and plan ahead!

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