4 Survival Plants That You Didn’t Know Are Edible

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4 Survival Plants That You Didn’t Know Are Edible
4 Survival Plants That You Didn’t Know Are Edible. Photo – Pixabay (PD)

If you spend time in the wilderness, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared to successfully survive for several days alone in case the situation ever arises. Emergencies happen, and sometimes there is no avoiding it.

In case you do wind up being stranded, it is important that you are able to gather your own food without eating something deadly. Here are several plants that you would never have guessed are edible.

Note: be absolutely sure of plant identification before attempting to eat a plant. If in doubt, skip it.

1. Dandelions

dandelionsYou’ve probably grown up your entire life thinking that dandelions are nothing more than a pesky weed that grows on lawns, but in actuality, they are very healthy and a great source of vitamins. You can eat the entire plant- including the flower- and it can be eaten either raw or cooked.

Dandelion tea is surprisingly common, and it is not unheard of for this plant to be used to treat certain illnesses, including ones caused by toxins. Plus, one of the best things about dandelions is that they are incredibly common and easy to find. No matter where you are located, you most likely will be able to find some of these with just a little bit of effort.

2. Nettles

nettles1Nettles are commonly found in both America and Europe, and they are best known for the fact that they can sometimes cause allergic reactions, in the form of a rash, when touched. Although these rashes only form on individuals who happen to be allergic to nettles, this plant has still earned the stigma of being dangerous because of it. This is by no means accurate, and nettles are actually perfectly safe to eat. Nettles are dark green and very leafy, and they are perfect for adding a little spice to your salad. Many individuals find the juice of nettles to be surprisingly appetizing, but you may want to stay away from the older leaves if you can do so. These leaves are known to “sting” occasionally, and the younger ones are significantly less likely to do that.

3. Clover

four-leaf-cloverLast but not least on our list are clovers. Like nettles, clovers are known for being especially tasty in salads, and they have a great flavor. It is common for individuals to collect them in order to put them into juices because they are not always easy to digest raw. But, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you must collect your own food in order to survive, clovers will definitely be of great help to you, raw or not.

It is also possible to dry them out and ground them into a fine flour that can be used for both cooking and baking, and many people choose to collect them for this reason. Additionally, clover tea has started to become popular over the years, and it is highly regarded for its nutritional value.

4. Cattails

cattailsYep, you read it right: cattails are edible.

Despite their unappetizing appearance and seemingly prickly texture, these plants are actually known for being very nutritious. If you are ever stuck in an area that is located near a pond or lake, chances are that you can find these guys somewhere. The edible part cannot be seen unless you pull the plant from the ground, and the root is the main source of vitamins.

If you do decide to ever eat cattails, make sure that you pick the most mature ones first. They are the most edible, and they will also have the longest roots. Also, make sure to never eat the top of these flowers, as that is not the part that is safe to eat.

Remember: Be Careful And Do Your Research

When you are fending for yourself in the outdoors, chances are that you will be able to find one of these edible plants. But, remember: it is incredibly important that you are positive about what you are eating.

Always make sure to use the universal edibility test before you decide if a plant is okay to consume or not, and when in doubt- don’t risk it.  Thankfully, all of these plants are very distinctive, and you should not have a problem discerning what they are.

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  1. You have missed one of the best survival plants that grows every where in the southern areas of the US. Kudzu. It was at one time used to feed goats because they would not eat the native plants in the US. The leafs can be cooked in cooking oil or boiled and will support your system for months. If you fry it I suggest using popcorn flavored salt for best taste.

  2. Nice to know which plants are safe. My Grandparents taught me all they were taught. I will pass down to my Grandchildren.

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