15 Reasons Why Coke Is Actually Good For You

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15 Reasons Why Coke Is Actually Good For You

You probably all know those articles that present you a number of reasons why Coke is bad for you. “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Coke”, “See what Coke can do to your body” etc. There are tens of hundreds of them on the Internet and most of them resort to these ultimate arguments to prove how much harm Coke can do: it can melt teeth, it can rip your stomach open if you mix it with Mentos and… it can clean oil stains on your garage floor.

Wait, what? It can clean oil stains? And that’s a bad thing? Sure, it doesn’t make it safe to drink, but hey… those nasty stains aren’t going to clean themselves, are they? So why not use a quick and cheap way to get rid of them?

Coke may be bad for your body, but it sure is good to have some stashed in the pantry. In fact, there are no less than 15 reasons why you should load up on this fizzy drink. And drinking it is not among them. Here they are:

#1: Clean oil stains

Soak up the stained area in Coke, leave it for a couple of days, then wipe it off with a cloth or just hose it off. Repeat if necessary.

#2: Remove blood stains

Whether you’ve stained the sleeve of your favorite sweater or your sheets, you can remove the stains by soaking the fabric in Coke for a few hours and then washing them with detergent.

#3: Clean blackened pots

You know just how annoying it is when that black film on the bottom of your pots simply won’t come off. Well, don’t put a lot of work into it. Here’s how easy it is to make your pots look brand new: pour a can or two of Coke in the pot, put it on the stove (low heat) and leave it for an hour. Then rub it with a sponge.

#4: Improve Your Lawn

Open a can of coke and leave it on the table for a few hours. When it’s lost its carbonation, add it to your compost bin. Your lawn and garden fertilizer will be much more effective if you add half a can of Coke every week.

#5: Clean your pool

Pour a couple of  2-liter bottles of Coke and you’ll notice the water clear up.

#6: Clean kitchen tile

Pour some Coke on the kitchen floor (don’t pour a whole can at once, you don’t want it to go all over the place).Leave for a few minutes, then wipe up. The floor will be a little sticky, but much cleaner.

#7: Grease stains

You can use Coke to remove grease stains from your clothes. And you don’t even need to soak them in it. Just add a can of Coke to your detergent and run it through a normal cycle.

#8: Get rid of rust

Dip a piece of cloth or a sponge into Coke and rub the rusty area. It may take a while to clean it off completely, but it’s effective nevertheless.

#9: Reduce pain

Bee stings and mosquito bites aren’t pleasant at all. But you can relieve the pain by applying a piece of cloth dipped in Coke onto the area to make the pain go away.

#10: Clean your windows

Dip the cloth you use to clean your windows in Coke, then wipe them thoroughly a couple of times. You’ll be amazed how much cleaner your windows will look.

#11: Clean the toilet

Add one can of Coke into the mix you usually use to clean the toilet. It will slash the cleaning time and your toilet will shine like never before.

#12: Remove gum from hair

If you’ve got kids or grandkids, you know how hard it is to remove gum from their hair without hurting them. Here’s a gentle way to do it: dip the hair into a bowl of Coke and try to convince the little one to keep it there for a few minutes. Gum will come off really easily afterward.

#13: Get rid of slugs and snails

Put a bowl of Coke in the garden. The sweet flavor will attract slugs and snails, while the acid will kill them.

#14: Clean car battery terminals

Pour some Coke over each one of your car’s battery terminals. Use a very small amount, you don’t want to drown them in a lake of Coke!

#15: Loosen a rusty bolt

This is one of the best ways you can use Coke. Just pour some on the rusty bolt and wait for it to loosen. Works like magic.

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15 Reasons Why Coke Is Actually Good For You
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  1. Notice all the good for you items on the list is to use on the outside of your body. I watched my Dad drink Coke 3-6 a day at home or take them to work or working at home. And guess what it did for him? Gave him bladder cancer. He has had it operated on twice, but still has and now has Alzheimer’s as well. His urine is almost all blood. And he loved your product. If he had only known what would happen to him latter on. So yes it is good used outside the body only. If it will eat rust of a pan image what it will do to your insides.

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