Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad People?

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History clearly shows us that people, as nations, are far more powerful than their leaders. Just take the events that have recently happened in Istanbul, when people raged their own government for selling their country to corporations. It all started with a few people camping in a park and, a couple days later, there was a whole civil war going on, with tens of thousands of people involved.

Officially, the government had the power. They had the power to send in tanks and order troops to shoot the rebels and intoxicate them with tear gas. And they did. But the reasons why those “powerful” leaders ended up using force shows they actually felt powerless. They were afraid. They were scared like hell that a massive, angry crowd would crush them to pieces if they got the chance to. So they had to make sure they never got that chance, by any means. If that meant killing thousands of innocent people, so be it. When you’re scared, you don’t care about consequences anymore.

The exact same thing is happening in the U.S. right now. The only difference is that the battle between Americans and the government does not involve tear gas and gunshots (yet). It’s a civil “cold war”.

Our government is working behind our backs to make sure we don’t crush them to pieces when the SHTF. They know the economy is plummeting by the day, the national debt is turning us into slaves and their solutions are absolutely useless. They know they’re way over their heads and nothing could possibly save this country from self-destruction. So the only thing they can do right now is save themselves from public rage.

The Big Brother program was designed for this exact purpose. This way, they know exactly who’s against the system and what they’re going to do about it. Did you ever attend a protest? Did you ever speak against the government on the phone, in an e-mail, on a forum or a chat room? If you have, then you’re on their list of “potential threats”.

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And let’s not forget that before the Boston marathon attack happened, they were too busy spying on protesters to care about real terrorist threats. Because their one and only interest is to keep their privileged position and grab as much money as possible before all hell breaks loose. Terrorists, corruption, economy… these issues are far too complex for them. The whole situation got out of control and now they’re just trying to keep the lid on a while longer until they sell the very last bit of our country. And we, U.S. citizens, make no exception. We’re already paying through the nose to make up for Their mistakes. Our children are already born slaves. Of their own government. Of the fat cats. Of a corrupt, rotten system.

Or so they make us believe…Because, truth be told, they’re the 1%. There’s 312,000,000 of us. Just try to imagine the big picture: a handful of arrogant, manipulative peoples are now forcing 312,000,000 others to work for them, so they can have fun. I’ve got the image of a king sipping wine on a throne made of gold and diamonds, while a roomful of barefoot paysans kneel before him.

Now, you’ve seen enough movies to know how this ends: when the paysans reach the lowest level of poverty and misery, they rise against their king in a very dramatic scene where they set fire to his castle or execute him in the public square.

That happened a lot in the Middle Ages. People would rise against their kings, again and again, every time the abuses got too hard to take. And it didn’t stop there: the Nazis didn’t last that much, either. Even the communists, with their insidious propaganda and reign of terror, were forced to step down. But Obama & co. are still here. And not only are they not willing to step down, but we’re actually helping them win this “cold war”. And I don’t know if it’s because we’re too brainwashed to realise what’s happening or because we just haven’t reached our lowest level of poverty and misery.

I know it sounds strange, but I hope it’s the latter one. I hope soon enough we’ll hit rock bottom, just so we can rise again. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready for that moment. I’m preparing for the day when the SHTF. And I’m waiting for it with hope.

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