The Case For Silver Over Gold For Preppers

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The Case For Silver Over Gold

The global economy continues to be fragile. Most survivalist websites encourage preppers to stockpile gold in the event banks close down and paper dollars become worthless. This could be a valuable strategy if gold weren’t too expensive for the average person to afford. The price of gold has increased more than 500 percent since 2003. Here are a few reasons why survivalists should consider silver over gold.


Bullion dealers, such as US Money Reserve, sell silver bars and coins at real-time prices everyday. Silver investors can watch the market throughout the day and pounce whenever the price slightly dips. Another method is to buy junk silver. Dimes and quarters minted in 1964 or earlier were made of 90 percent silver, thus are considered bullion coins. It is illegal in the United States to melt down coins for bullion, which takes away some of the appeal of junk silver. However, the silver content in them makes them valuable for trading when dollars are no longer respected legal tender.

Industrial Demands Drive Value Up

Silver is a great hedge against inflation because it is in high demand not only as a valuable metal but as an indispensable substance in the world of technology and industry. Solar energy is growing in popularity because of rising fuel costs and photovoltaic systems are more affordable. The solar cells that capture the sun’s energy utilize a silver paste. The Silver Institute estimates the solar industry alone required 100 million ounces of silver in the year 2015. Silver is essential in conducting electricity and is one of the best conductors of heat on the planet. Ethylene Oxide (EO) is an important industrial chemical because it is used to produce products like antifreeze, ink, certain pharmaceuticals and many other common items. EO cannot currently be produced on an industrial scale without silver.

$100 Per Ounce Silver In Our Future?

It has often been said that silver is very undervalued and due for correction – yet still we wait for it to happen. High demand and limited supply will inevitably force the price of silver upward if you believe in Economics 101 principles. There are some industry experts who predict silver will reach triple figures in the next five years. Others have gone as far to say silver will soon surpass gold and reach the $3,000-plus mark if the dollar completely collapses. Peter Schiff, commentator and owner of Euro-Pacific Capital, believes silver will eventually surpass $200 per ounce because of the central banks continually printing more money and debasing its value.

By Melody Schwartz – Melody is a journalist from the Midwest and is working on her first fiction novel – a post-apocalyptic story about the survival of the fittest.

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