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20 Survival Uses For A Wire Coat Hanger

20 Survival Uses For A Wire Coat Hanger
20 Survival Uses For A Wire Coat Hanger. Photo – Unsplash (PD)

Just about any common household object can be turned into a survival tool. You’d be surprised at the uses of things you use every day. The key is to remove all preconceptions about the object and what it was made for. Think outside the box.

Take the humble wire coat hanger, for instance. We all have these hanging in our closet. If you’re like me, you have way more than you need. You’ve probably used them to stoke a fire or roast a hot dog, but the uses don’t end there. There are plenty of ways you can turn a wire hanger into a survival tool in a pinch.

Check out the list below of 20 uncommon uses for a common wire hanger, and be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the post to see this handy tool in action.

 1. Belt keeper

Belt keeper

2. Bottle carrier

Bottle carrier

3. Guy wire & 4. S-hook

Guy wire and S hook

5. Pickup tool

Pickup stick

6. Mini-hook

Mini hook

7. Key ring

Key ring

8. Needle


9. Paper clip

Paper clip

10. Penny stove stand

Penny stove stand

11. Makeshift radio antenna

Radio antenna

12. Safety pin

Safety pin

13. Tent peg

Tent peg

14. Multipurpose hanger

Multipurpose hanger

15. Hanger for old pistol belts

Pistol belt hanger

16. Car door unlocker

Door opener

17. String insertion tool

String Insertion tool

18. Drain pickup tool

Drain extraction tool

19. As a hanger!


20. Barbecue stick

Barbecue stick

Check out the video below.

There are many more uses for a wire coat hanger since the main material is the round wire. The wire from clothes hangers are of thick gauge and are stiffer and stronger than regular wires.

The point here is to be imaginative. You can practice this on just about anything you have around the house. Once you master the skill of improvisation, you’ll be able to create survival tools from anything you have just lying around the house.

By Survival Life