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70 Essential How-To Guides For Preppers

70 Essential How-To Guides For Preppers

Every prepper should be a jack of all trades to overcome challenging circumstances. On this page, you have links to 70 super-useful tutorials to help you. I hope that you find them useful and leave some links to more interesting and informative howto’s.

The How To List

1. How To Completely Disappear From The Radar, Lose Your Identity And Leave Everything Behind: Do You Have What It Takes?

2. How To Install Your Own Off The Grid Well

3. How To Tell Apart Poisonous Plants

4. How To Tell Apart Poisonous And Venomous Animals

5. How To Survive A Lightning Strike

6. How To Survive The War

7. How To Store Water For Long-Term Emergencies

8. How To Produce Your Own Fuel

9. How To Build A Portable Solar Power System

10. How To Dig Your Own Water Well

11. How To Make Your Own Aspirin

12. How To Make Your Own Biodiesel!

13. How To Make Alcohol At Home

14. How To Fortify And Prep Your Home Or Apartment

15. How To Make Lightweight Oilskin Tarps From Bed Sheets

16. How To Build Your Own Backyard Aquaponic Garden – Sponsored

17. How To Make Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Super-Food

18. How To Make Fire Without A Spark

19. How To Stay Alive When Lightning Strikes

20. How To Survive An Avalanche

21. How To Identify Poison Ivy

22. How To Preserve Body Heat In The Wild

23. How To Make Sweater Mittens Out Of An Old Sweater

24. How To Make A Soda Can Stove

25. How To Make Powdered Eggs

26. How To Prepare Your Car To Handle An EMP And Why You Shouldn’t Bother

27. How To Hide Your House From Google Maps

28. How To BulletProof Your Home – Sponsored

29. How To Make Gel Fuel At Home For Survival

30. How To Sharpen A Knife

31. How To Block IR Infrared Thermal Imaging

32. How To Make A Dakota Fire Hole

33. How To Survive In A Car When It’s Freezing Cold

34. How To Tell If Ice Is Safe And What To Do If You Fall In

35. How To Survive Without The Pharmacy

36. How To Treat Blisters And Itches Naturally

37. How To Get Help In The Middle Of Nowhere

38. How To Keep Warm When Power Is Out

39. How To Escape A Sinking Car

40. How To Reduce Your Risk From An EMP

41. How To Prep Your ATV For Family Survival

42. How To Guide To Building A Water Generator

43. How To Start A Fire Without Matches

44. How To Get Your Family Interested In Preparedness

45. How To Equip Your Car Or Motorhome For Survival

46. How To Survive A Riot

47. How To Survive A Knife Attack

48. How To Insulate Your Attic

49. How To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones During Disasters

50. How To Assist Childbirth In Emergency Situations

51. How To Make Your Own Dairy Products At Home

52. How To Make Your Own Cleaning Products

53. How To Prepare When A Loved One Has A Severe Disability

54. How To Make Your Own Pantry Furniture

55. How To Treat Sprains, Dislocations And Fractures

56. How To Explain Disasters And Crises To Children

57. How To Treat Cuts, Scrapes And Scratches

58. How To Survive Chemical Warfare

59. How To Treat A Bullet Wound

60. How To Survive If You’re In The Line Of Gunfire

61. How To Survive A Wildfire

62. How To Prepare & Survive The Ongoing Foreign Troops Invasion

63. How To Save A Life

64. How To Survive An Earthquake

65. How To Survive A Flood

66. How To Survive Any Disaster

67. How To Survive When Others Won’t

68. How To Create A Panic Room In Your Home

69. How To Rotate Your Food Stock

70. How To Survive A Car Crash During Disasters Or Crises

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Don’t forget to leave us your best HOW-TOs in the comments. Every prepper should know this info.