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Bartering – Planning For the Future

In the recent past, many believed that by accumulating cash in different dominations they would have a safe means of protection in the event that they found themselves in an SHTF scenario. They could purchase all the latest in camping gear, bug out equipment and stored food and water.

Depending On Bartering

They believed that all they needed to have for barter been cash, coin, Silver, Gold or Platinum to sustain their barter needs. In reality, cash, coin or commodities may actually be some of the worst means you can depend on for bartering. During a regional or national crisis, the actual value of cash and commodities may become very uncertain.

Credit will undoubtedly be suspended and the banks could be placed under a “banking holiday” much like during the Great Depression. Cash and coin may hold their value for a period of time, but those using commodities for bartering may find it far more difficult to use than other more survival oriented items; which, would be more suited to what people will be looking for to sustain their everyday needs.

precious metalsPrecious metals are usually purchased in denominations of one ounce or more and can be extremely difficult to cut and size down into smaller and more manageable denominations for bartering. Those using monetary commodities may find themselves expending much more for smaller amounts simply because it will be extremely difficult to accurately judge their true value once sized.

An acceptable and practical means of reducing their commodities to uniform, acceptable and usable amounts for barter may take months or years to develop. Therefore, let’s look at other more practical means of planning to obtain items that can be used to barter for what you might need to sustain you and your family in the future if caught in an SHTF scenario.

You not only need to prepare and acquire the necessities for everyday survival for yourself and your family, but you also need to acquire items that can be used when you begin to deplete your stock of available food and supplies to replenish those supplies. That is when you need to think outside the box when it comes to planning for your own family’s short and long-term survival. In addition to their immediate requirements of shelter, water and food, it is necessary to consider preparing a list of items you can use to obtain the useful things you may need for your intermediate and long-term survival. These are the items you can use to trade for the essentials you need to continue to not only survive but thrive in your present environment.

When planning your trade list, or items you are considering for bartering, these items need to fall into the categories of what other survivors will need and want. These need to be practical items that have always been in the forefront on the human wants and needs list during times of crisis.

Alcohol and Tobacco have always been among the highest valued trade items in a barter system due to the fact that they are the most sought out items to either ease one’s anxiety or satisfy age-old habits.

Other items that are always in high demand after an emergency, especially in times of chaos and destruction are simple rescue and recovery tools like pry bars, shovels, and other debris removal items. In addition, medical supplies, medicines, plain condoms, water purification tablets and first aid supplies are always in demand following any disaster or crisis where injuries, shock, and stress can be expected. Of course, items that fulfill more of the true survival need, such as knives, axes, camping equipment, compasses, solar chargers, varying sizes of solar batteries and saws you will also find much in demand.

gunsmithingVarying types of ammunition have traditionally always been good bartering items. With over 18 million AR-15 platform rifles now in the hands of the American public, knowledge of gunsmithing on this weapon series, spare parts, magazines and .556mm ammunition for this rifle are something you might want to consider as serious barter items to add in your planning. Most, if not all, of the items aforementioned, are obtainable online or at your local gun shows at fairly reasonable prices.

Using their imagination, the reader can add many more useable items to this list. The key is to keep it simple. I submit that barter item should be only those which will be practical to someone’s survival or everyday needs. Now is the time to plan for and begin to obtain those items you believe may fit into your SHTF scenario. Procrastinating can only lead to not only

not having what you need, but leave you without the means to obtain what you may need in the future. Having items you have on hand now and may not need to offer someone in the future for something you definitely need is, I believe, essential to your strategic survival planning.

By Theodore Doty, My Family Survival Plan – Contributor