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Home Defense – Can Be done!

Home Defense – Can Be Done

Off course that when we talk about survival and preparedness we have to look first to the most important of them all …. home defense. Everybody thinks about home defense in a particular way, but  …. how can you know, if you can really defend your home? Is it a myth or a reality?

Do you think that a group of 5 to 10 men could get in your house and take anything they want? Or you truly believe that you can keep them far away from your porch?

Why don’t we make an assessment on what are the real threats defending your home and what we can do to prevent the loose of life?

You would probably need to go through a lot of things when you think about bugging in, but I just want to point out some home defense angles that you need to check:

firearms for home defense, family training and layers of defense that you have or not to your home.

You should have some firearms to defend your home and there are so many articles explaining what are the best and why …. but most of all, you should have experience. Don’t rely on myths for defending your home.

You have to go to the shooting range and take your first family member with you.You can’t defend your home alone.Every once in a while you hear people (men) saying that they will defend with everything they’ve got their family and their home. That’s really a great thing and everybody will try to do the same but, what if you can’t? What if you will die before you can achieve it? Wouldn’t you want your family to know how to defend itself?

This is one of the most important things you have to consider when defending from outside dangers.

You have to communicate all of your ideas and plans with your family. Let your family members talk through their own concerns about defending the home. A lot of being able to defend your home is mental. So, it’s a whole lot better to have them express their doubts and fears sitting around the dinner table, than to have those doubts and fears show up when your home is under attack. Start looking at the various layers of your defenses and how you can plan them out.You want to end up with a plan for your perimeter, your home’s outer shell and inside your home.

More layers of defense you have more chances of survival you will have. For each of those layers of defense, you have to determine fighting positions, barriers, obstacles and most of all, your kill zones.

Now that you have a defensive plan, it’s time to start getting to work on your home and property. You would need to get window bars to install on your home.These bars normally attach to the side of the home, outside the window area.Window bars are rather expensive, so you may choose not to put bars on all your windows. If you have a two-story home, you could choose to put bars on just the downstairs windows. However, if you have a porch overhang, or a balcony, you need to make sure that you protect the windows that are accessible from them as well.

On the hinge side of the door, you’ll want to replace the screws with longer ones, so that they go into the stud. Also, replace one screw in each hinge with a pin, drilling out the corresponding hole in the other side of the hinge for clearance. Between the deadbolts and these bolts, your door will be much stronger.

Add two more deadbolts to the door, one high up and one down low. If you drill these out carefully you can actually do it without the hole saw going all the way through the door; all that will go through is the pilot bit. That can help keep your work hidden, as it’s fairly easy to fill in a 1/4 inch hole and hide it, but it’s not easy to hide a 2-1/4 inch hole. Just remember not to throw those deadbolts, unless your whole family is inside; otherwise, they can’t get in.

Take some time to look at gaps in your perimeter defense and come up with a plan to cover them in the event that everything goes to pot. What can you put in those spaces to increase the effectiveness of your hedge? Look around your home and back yard for things that might be lying around. Some ideas might be:

– Tree branches
– An old car that’s not running
– A utility trailer
– The pile of scrap whatever from the back yard

All you’re doing is improving your perimeter defense plan. Should there be a major crisis, and you feel the need to, you can then move those things.

You need to buy a weapon. Pick the one that you think will do the best job for you and make sure to put in a good stock of ammunition for it as well. Don’t forget to go to the shooting range together with a family member. This is very important in your home defense plan.

Don’t ever stop going to the range, talk to your family, improve your home defense layers and talk to your fellow preppers for more ideas and suggestions.

I hope that we will not need all of these preparations and what everybody’s doing to prepare is useless.