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How Education Became Brainwash

The problem of education in American public schools has been raised over and over again for over two decades now. The problem has been going on for way longer than 20 years… But it was only in the late 80s that we started to realise our minds were manipulated by the government ever since we were little kids, via school.The question I want to address to you today is: did we wake up too late?

Using education to turn people into sheeple has its roots all the way back in the Protestant Reformation when reformers turned teaching children into a Christian duty, so the little ones can learn all about obedience and punishment from the age of seven. They thought raising children this way would drive the original sin out of them and also make it easier for them to respect the ten commandments. That was pretty much the only purpose of going to school: learning how to be an obedient servant of God. A noble cause, I might say… but the means turned out to be all wrong.

When schools were transferred under the government’s custody, the purpose slightly changed, but the means remained the same. Now, kids were trained to obey to the state, not to God. They were taught to blindly follow rules and not question anything. Thus, the sheeple was born.


However, that was not enough for the government. The zombie factory was not working with the precision of a Swiss watch and that only meant one thing: greater chances for creative, free minds to find a loop in the system and start a rebellion. And that was something the government could not risk.

That’s when the No Child Left Behind program was launched. In other words, say goodbye to freedom in class, to alternative teaching methods, to exploring interests and passions. In this kind of environment, kids could develop strong personalities and actually think for themselves, make their own choices and question a pre-fabricated road set for them.

And so they did. Young Americans have become more and more aware of the government’s abusive methods of control and started to rebel against it. Their respect for politicians is close to zero and their votes have become harder to obtain than ever. They’re suspicious of anything that has to do with politics and, now, with Internet on their side, mass-criticize any mistake authorities make. The Occupy movements were the last draw. Something had to be done.


As Peter Gray writes on, “now, every product had to meet specified standards, regardless of differences in the raw material, regardless of any out-of-school influences on children’s lives, and certainly regardless of children’s individual desires about what they wanted to do or learn. NCLB was nothing more nor less than the logical consequence of taking the factory model seriously, so as to produce a more consistent and standardized product.

But what is this “standardized product” exactly? What does the government want to turn our kids into?

The answer comes in the form of a story I’ve read in an article on It’s a real story reported by a worried mom who discovered her child was raised to be a socialist. Here’s how the story goes:

“A familiar tale told to first-graders in Pennsylvania illustrates both the tactics and the planned transformation of the world. We all know the story of the Little Red Hen who wanted some bread to eat.

She asked some of her barnyard friends to help make it. But the cat, the dog, and the goat all said “no.” Finally, she did all the work herself. Yet, when the bread was done and its fragrance spread throughout the farm, her unwilling neighbors were more than willing to help her eat it.

“Won’t you share with us?” they begged.

“No,” she answered. “Since you didn’t help, you don’t get anything.”

In the context of traditional values, the moral of the story is: you get what you work for. But those who have learned to think and see from the new global perspective are led to a different conclusion.

Listen to the kinds of questions the first grade teacher asked her class:

“Why was the Little Red Hen so stingy? Isn’t it only right that everyone gets to eat? Why wouldn’t she share what she had with some who had none?” “

The “official” explanation is that the story promotes values such as empathy, love, and sharing… but isn’t this a bit too similar to socialist principles such as “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need”?

To make it all even clearer, here’s a great image from, explaining the paradigm shift in education:


Do you think it’s an accurate representation of today’s reality? I’d love to read your opinion in the comments section below.

By Alec Deacon