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How To Survive After The Economy Dies

How To Survive After The Economy Dies
How To Survive After The Economy Dies. Photo – Pixabay (PD)

Bells are being rung, whistles are being blown, but they all fall on deaf ears. Our economy is slowly dying. Millions of Americans don’t even seem to notice the forthcoming new Great Depression. And many of those who notice it doesn’t even seem to care. The U.S. economy seems to be going to hell and fast, with a national debt of over $17.5 trillion and no backup plan or recovery strategies provided by the authorities. The signs are evident, and when the economy dies, so will the lifestyle we’ve been used to for so long. Things will gradually get worse and the “survival of the fittest” will come into play in no time.

Society is dehumanized, unable to keep its integrity and moral values for too long once confronted with drastic social changes; anarchy will slowly take over. But there’s still time to prepare. This is what you have to do in order to ensure your survival and the survival of those you hold dear.


Food will become the most valuable good after an economic collapse. It’ll become the ultimate achievable goal, the life source that will be sought after and maybe fought over to the death, in worst case scenarios. Most American families today wouldn’t be able to survive more than 3 weeks with the food they normally store in the house. And such families are the first to quickly the angry mobs that loot and pillage everything in sight in a desperate attempt to quench their hunger. Make sure you’re part o them. Always keep a fair amount of provisions inside. Canned foods are the best to have around the house, as they’ll last longest and in almost all sorts of conditions. Make a storage food room and make sure it’s always packed and ready.


You’ll go for weeks without food, but you’ll go for just a few days without water. Dehydration sets in pretty fast, leaving the body strained, powerless and leads to agonizing death. Best be prepared, because once the economy dies, so will the water supplier. At some point, the water from is bound to stop. Most Americans are not so lucky as to have a free and abundant source of water near their homes. Even if you have such a source, if the water is not fit for human consumption, harvesting it and boiling it would be both time and energy consuming. The best solution is to get water purifying system or purification tablets. They’re easy to use and might make all the difference in the world.


Clothing In such a scenario, your personal comfort will not rely anymore on radiators or air conditioning. These gadgets normally run on energy resources you most probably will not have. So stacking up on the right gear is the way to go! Get warm clothes, and if you live in a particularly cold environment, stack up on blankets as well. Hats are also important, as for some reason or another; you might find yourselves out in the cold. Hats can come very handy if you find yourself sleeping outside. But that’s not all, having the right footwear is imperative! The best thing to get your hands on is hiking boots. Sturdy and reliable, yet comfortable, they can make a great difference if you and your family should find yourselves forced to travel long distances by foot.


In case you’ll need to be going fast, each one of you will need a personal backpack. Backpacks are easy to carry around then suitcases or regular bags, as they’re easily strapped to the back, leaving you full use of your hands. Make sure your backpack is never overloaded (because it can snap and break at the worst time) and that you and your family carry only what’s absolutely necessary. Useless objects (sentimental value or not) do nothing but to burden and tire you.


Solar powered radio

Solar powered radio

Staying in touch and informed is more than necessary in this case. But the modern day commodities as cell phones and internet connected gadgets and gizmos will become useless one communication satellites cease to function.

And even with satellites running, power sources will become harder and harder to find. A small pocket radio it’s perfect for such an occasion.

Crank radio

Crank radio

But a battery powered one will only last as long as the batteries. But the solar-powered or “crank style” ones will definitely last longer and be of more use.


Whether your car runs on gasoline or diesel, will make no difference. Fuel will soon be a thing of the past. You should store some fuel at all times. When the worse comes, at least you’ll be able to make a quick getaway to wherever it is you’ll need to be going. It’ll be faster and more comfortable than going by foot!

Survival equipment

In order to make it in such a hostile environment, you’ll need to be “armed and ready”. There are a few items that can prove to be very useful and might even end up saving your lives. Make sure you have these in your home, and if you have to get going, don’t leave home without them! These are a must:

the compass: it’s your GPS once you find yourself on the road in uncharted territory; handle it with care and make sure it’s functional before you use it, because a broken compass can lead you on the wrong path

the Swiss army knife: this tool can be incredibly versatile; it has: bit driver, butane lighter, cap lifter, cleat wrench, fingernail clipper, hook, knife blade, micro-screwdriver, pliers, nail file and MANY MANY more

the axe: carrying an axe around may serve many purposes from cutting firewood, clearing the way if going through thick vegetation or even as a self-defense weapon in case you’re being attacked

the lighter: it’s your source of fire; it’s what gets the branches to keep you warm burning or your meals cooking; if you’re on the move, always keep the lighter away from humid environments and bring along a small canister of gas

pepper spray: for some reason or another you may find yourself targeted by either wild animals or people that mean you harm; the pepper spray can prove very effective in both cases

medical supplies: they’re of utmost importance; always make sure you have the right First Aid Kit and medical supplies in both your home or in your backpack; they’re the only protection you have against infections, which could prove fatal if left untreated

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

If you really want to have full knowledge about medical supplies when SHTF, then you need to visit Survival MD – Guide

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No matter what happens, no matter where we’re headed, one thing’s for sure: it won’t end pretty. When economy dies society will crumble. When it does, be ready!

by My Family Survival Plan