Emergency Cooking Equipment For Survival

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Cooking Equipment

If you’re preparing for crisis, then you should know that stockpiling is just part of the equation. Having a pantry crammed with survival food is great, but there are other crucial things you should take into consideration.

For example: if some kind of a disaster strikes tomorrow and you’ll be forced to live off your stockpile in extreme conditions… would you have everything you need to cook nutritious, healthy meals for your family?

Even if you’re 100% certain you’ve got it all in place and ready to be used in case of emergency, there are many things you may have forgotten about. And that’s perfectly normal. After all, you’re not an absolute survival guru and you don’t have the memory of an elephant.

So let’s take one crucial step at a time, so you can rest assured you’re 100% prepared to cook delicious meals with your survival food.

First Step: Cooking Equipment

Golden Rule: Never assume electrical appliances will be available!

I know how easy they make your life, but we’re talking about disasters here. It’s theoretically possible that the grid can go down anytime and stay that way for days or even weeks! The classic example: Hurricane Katrina. The grid was down for 3 whole weeks in the affected area. Now think about your emergency equipment. Could you live for three weeks with NO electricity at all? Could you cook for your whole family?

If you want to have no problems feeding your loved ones, make sure you own manual equivalents to all your electric appliances (can openers, food processors, even bottle openers). See also this clever tutorial on how to open a can without a can opener.

Also, load up on tin foil and plastic cooking bags (they must be heat-proof!). Not only are they good to cover cooked food until it’s eaten, but here’s a great trick you can use: Put your uncooked food in heat-proof plastic bags and then put them in the boiling water. This way, you’ll save the water you’d normally use for cleaning the pot… and you can reuse the boiled water for any other purpose.

• When you’re cooking indoor, you can use a small gas stove. It may seem like it’s gonna take forever to cook your meals, but these stoves usually concentrate a lot of heat and get very hot, very fast.

Another option is to use your fireplace (if you have one). You can buy special cooking accessories for your fireplace that help you grill, cook meat or vegetables and heat water.

• When you’re cooking outdoor, you’ll need a stove, a grill or a solar oven. Or you can light a campfire, but you need to make sure there’s no danger of setting your house (or your neighbors’) on fire.

Whichever you choose to use, remember to load up on the appropriate fuel (gas, charcoal, matches) and keep them in an extra-safe storage place. Make sure it meets all the storage standards (that you can discover here *link*) and make regular check-ups to see if everything is ok.

That’s all for today, but we’ll be talking more about survival cooking soon, so stay tuned!

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