Corporations ‘Fracking’ With Our Future Again

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Corporations ‘Fracking’ With Our Future Againphoto source:

In case nature hasn’t been harsh enough on Americans lately, here’s an interesting piece of news: companies such as Encana Oil & Gas, Noble Energy, and ConocoPhillips have decided it’s not enough just to poison our water and our air, so they decided to produce earthquakes and possibly genocidal explosionsas well.

According to, “plans are afoot to drill a well that will use fracking technology only a mile from a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. The parties involved say they are unconcerned, despite evidence showing fracking increases the incidence of earthquakes. (…)

Studies have already linked fracking to the 4.0 earthquake in Ohio last year and several others in Texas and Canada this year.

However, “environmental authorities approved plans to construct a shale gas well near the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station in Shippingport earlier this month. State rules require any such well to be more than 500 feet from the edge of plant territory, though data indicates that there are no fracking wells that close to nuclear power stations anywhere in the US.”

If you aren’t aware what fracking is and what it does to the environment, here’s a short description from

“Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”,is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. There are more than 500,000 active natural gas wells in the US.”

Nuclear Power Station

Unfortunately, the “fluid” injected proved to be filled with chemicals such as lead, uranium, mercury, ethylene glycol, radium, methanol, hydrochloric acid, formaldehydeand other toxic substances. In fact, there are up to 600 chemicals used in this fracking fluid… and most of them end up in the groundwater.

Here’s a video that shows the untold story:

So, basically, the fat cats are playing God with millions of people across the US and there’s no one there to stop them. Not even EPA, even though they’ve acknowledged the dangers of fracking publicly.

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NaturalNews reports on the first study linking fracking to water contamination released by the Environmental Protection Agency. This report “identified fracking as the source of poisons, including the carcinogen benzene, in the groundwater of a central Wyoming community.

In fact, we have to thank people in Wyoming for repeatedly urging EPA to check out the contaminated water they were forced to drink and wash with.

After companies like Encana Oil & Gas, Noble Energy, and ConocoPhillips started drilling for gas in the area, using the fracking technique, people started to develop new illnesses. They assumed it had to do with the water they’d been drinking because it started to smell and taste funny. According to NaturalNews, one of the residents of Pavilion, Wyoming, described it as “a cross between something dead and diesel fuel”.

water contaminated
A Pavilion residents shows water contaminated by fracking
photo source:

So people contacted the EPA again and again over the years, but no one came to check out the problem until 2009 (a decade after Pavilion residents noticed their water was contaminated). When the agency finally looked into the problem, they found methane, xylenes, and hydrocarbons such as diesel in the groundwater.

So what did they do about it? First of all, they forced the drilling companies to deliver clean, fresh water to 21 households in the area. Second of all… yeah, I have to stop here, because there is no second of all. Not yet, anyway, because the full official report will be released in December 2012.

Until then, they’re putting on quite a show to distract us from the all the drilling projects that are being approved as you’re reading this. EPA accused drilling companies of “shoddy drilling practices”,which lead to water contamination. Encana and the gang, on the other hand, are accusing the EPA of contaminating the water themselves, while doing the tests.

photo source:

In the meanwhile, people are dying from cancer, they suffer liver and kidney damages and expose their babies to the risk of developing congenital malformations. And, by the looks of it, more and more Americans will have to go through the same hell. And I’ll tell you exactly why.

Apparently, the American Dream needs a push, so they thought turning the USA into the world’s biggest gas producer, alongside Russia, will do the trick. This means gas has to come out on the surface somehow. And that somehow is fracking, since it’s the most popular method in our country.

It doesn’t matter that European countries have started to ban fracking because they realized it’s poisoning their water and air. The USA is fine with that, just get that gas out already!

According to TheExaminingRoom, “so far the states that have been most affected are Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Wyoming and Louisiana. Thousands and thousands of these wells have already been drilled. And all of this has occurred in one mere decade. However, there are plans in the works to drill wells in at least 34 of the 50 states.

But everything will turn out fine because Obama will fix it. At least that’s what he said. That his administration would “take every possible action” to make sure that fracking is done correctly, without putting the public’s health or safety at risk.

I don’t know about you, but I’d really appreciate it if things didn’t get “fixed” Obama-style, just this once.

By Anne Sunday

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