How To Block IR Infrared Thermal Imaging

A warm body can be detected by the IR (Infrared) heat that it gives off with thermal imaging equipment, and provides a difficult challenge to someone or some thing wishing to avoid detection. You may be camouflaged in the best concealment that there is, but you may be highly visible…

How To Make A Dakota Fire Hole

For a true survivalist, preparing never stops. Always prepping, always researching for new survival techniques… this is part of my daily life. And while doing so, I realized I documented a lot on how to build a fire in

13 Ingenious Household Uses For Lemons

I’m a big fan of multiple-purpose items. I use them in my survival planning and training and I try to use them around the house as much as I can. Lately, my wife and I have been replacing the regular store-bought cleaning and deodorizing products with natural, dirt-cheap items

Save Money. Fix Your Own Car.

For the past three weeks, I didn’t need to set the alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. My neighbor leaves for work at 7am and his car makes such a screeching, unbearable sound that it’s impossible not to wake up.

The Survival Garden: Fundamentals

In this article, I’m going to discuss the fundamentals of gardening for self-sufficiency. Most folks are grossly unprepared to meet their family’s food needs in the case of an emergency. At the same time, many underestimate what is required to grow or raise enough food to feed their family. This article will explain what self-sufficient