How To Pickle – The American Way

I have seen a lot of things in my life, met a lot of people and been in all sorts of situations. Yet I’ve still to meet the one person that doesn’t like pickles. Pickles are already deeply rooted intro American culture and they seem to be to everyone’s liking. And why not? Not only do they make pretty much everything taste better

7 Places To Find Water In The Wild: Some Of The Best Ideas

Tie rags or tufts of fine grass around your ankles and walk through dew-covered grass before sunrise. As the rags or grass tufts absorb the dew, wring the water into a container. Repeat the process until you have a supply of water or until the dew is gone. Australian natives sometimes mop up as much as a liter an hour this way.

How To Survive The War

Never know exactly the day when war comes to your homeland, knocks the door, demands to pack the things and run. It happens unexpectedly: events are moving so fast, have such an immediate and strong negative impact on your life, even though you are far from the epicenter

How To Produce Your Own Fuel

In the event of a crisis situation, you never know for how long you will be isolated in your home, and how scarce the resources will be. You can be forced to live off your stored goods for months in a row, even years, and as a proper survivalist, I am sure you will not lack food or fresh water.
However, you might be missing another

How To Dig Your Own Water Well

Some survivalists prepare themselves by storing large quantities of food or weaponry, for fear of a total lockdown. Others are scared of financial turmoil, so …

How To Make Your Own “Natural Aspirin”

Survival is about keeping your family protected, well nourished and most of all healthy. During a major crisis, you will find out that many of the most common medicinal products will not be available. You could find yourself face to face with a serious disease or just a …