5 Senior Illnesses Preppers Can Keep Under Control

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Preparedness has long proved its benefits on our daily lives: it gives us confidence, it keeps us connected to reality, it gives us peace of mind and can strengthen the relationship we have with our families if they decide to be part of our survival efforts.

But when it comes to future benefits, any prepper or survivalist will make an entire list of worst-case scenarios, from natural disasters to social chaos, where their survival plan can keep them safe and protected. However, it’s not all about extreme situations, it’s not all about crises and calamities. You may not be aware of this, but prepping can save your life even when it’s all peaceful and quiet.

I’m talking about the most common senior illnesses and conditions that most elders cannot keep under control. Surprisingly, planning your escape when the next flood hits or building a six-month stockpile will help you maintain your health (both physical and mental) for many years to come. No, you don’t have to do anything special, just keep doing what you’re doing: preparing for when TSHTF.

Here’s exactly how this will help you in the years to come:

#1: Alzheimer’s disease

This is one of the most common diseases among seniors. An estimated 5.4 million people suffer from this condition, with symptoms ranging from forgetfulness and memory loss to language and speaking problems and even hallucinations, delusions and paranoia.

There are, however, different ways to prevent these symptoms from installing prematurely. Although you cannot stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks, you can keep it under control by adopting a few daily habits that keep your mind young and alert.

What role does prepping play here? A study revealed that reading a few pages every day delays Alzheimer’s symptoms such as forgetfulness, memory loss, language problems and poor judgment. It’s a very simple habit that all preppers and survivalists have in common because they like to stay informed and alert.

So when you read your favorite newspaper or magazine in the morning and when you check out newsletters in your inbox, you’re not only updating your info but also your shield against Alzheimer’s. So never stop reading, it’s one of the healthiest habits you’ve got.

#2: Depression

This one is a serious threat that can take full control of your mind without even realising it. Usually, all you feel is a constant lack of motivation, sleepiness and the wish to be alone all the time. These are clear sign of depression and it’s hard for you to notice them and identify them as the symptoms of a severe condition. In most cases, family members and friends are the ones who realise it’s more than just “a rough patch”.

Sinking into depression comes easy and naturally, which makes it probably the trickiest senior disease. But for a prepper or survivalist, staying far away from it comes just as easily and naturally. Preppers are determined to live a good life even in the harshest times, they have strong will and ambition and they look into the future with confidence.

Being well connected to reality has prepared them for the worst-case-scenarios, so nothing can surprise them anymore. They know times will only get tougher, but they keep prepping to build themselves a better future. There’s no room for depression here, is there?

#3: Arthritis

My mother fought a long and painful battle against arthritis for more than a decade. She tried nearly everything, from pills and ointments to yoga and meditation, and what seemed to work the best was exercise.

That doesn’t mean she hit the gym every day and turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger. All it takes is 30 minutes of light exercise a day and you’ll start feeling a lot better in less than two weeks. Now, I know how hard it is to feel motivated enough to keep to an exercise schedule. Right before starting my survival craze, I weighed a lot more and I was too lazy to exercise.

When I started prepping, however, things changed. I got into DIY, I started to build things, I cleaned my pantry, my garage and my attic to make room for the stockpile, I played the “drill game” with my kids to show them survival techniques… It’s amazing how survival has made me so much more active physically, how it keeps me moving and exercising without having to go jogging or hitting the gym.

#4: Sleep disorders

Almost all seniors have sleep disorders, whether we’re talking about restless sleep or severe insomnia. I’m afraid this is something we can’t completely get rid of. But we can improve the quality of our sleep by following these steps:

1. Leave your worries behind

2. Exercise for 20-30 minutes a day

3. Eat healthy food

4. Spend time with your family or friends

5. Have an active life

If you’re a prepper, you’ve probably checked all or most of the above (I admit I still have some trouble with
#1, but it’s better to worry a bit than to be ignorant). As I said before, preppers and survivalists are usually more confident, more relaxed and more determined to take that extra mile to build themselves the future they want for their loved ones. And I don’t know about you, but that helps me sleep a lot better at night…

#5: Loneliness

Ok, this isn’t exactly a disease or condition but it’s a reality a lot of seniors have to deal with. Also, loneliness can lead to illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and depression, both very difficult to handle even when you’re surrounded by family and friends, let alone when you’re… well… alone.

One of the best parts of being a prepper or survivalist is the community you’re part of, even if your peers are thousands of miles away. There are preppers all over the world, all connected via Internet. And MFSP is the best example I can think of. Here, you’re never alone. There are hundreds of people just like yourself coming here everyday, brought together by the same interests and passions. Also, there are forums where you can talk to other preppers and exchange survival methods and techniques. And if you want face-to-face interaction, just look for offline survival communities in your area… or create your own!

Yes, you can create and manage your own survival community and I’ll give you some tips on how you can do that in a future article. Until then, stay safe and keep prepping! It’s good for your health.

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