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Alec Deacon – About Me

If you`ve landed on this site five minutes ago, you`ve probably already figured out some of my interests: preparedness, U.S. politics, DIY, health and food security. Just reading the titles of the articles I post here is enough to get what subjects make me tick.

However, I must confess something. The idea of creating this site has a more selfish origin, which also reveals the #1 on my interests list: my family. I swear I would do ANYTHING to protect them and make them happy. My wife Ana and my two boys, David and Andrew, are the world to me. When I nearly lost them in a fire 6 years ago, I became this survival fanatic who dreamed of living in a water-proof, fire-proof and unbreakable plastic bubble, together with his family.

I`m not that person anymore. I`m more relaxed now, but that`s only because I know I`m prepared for anything. But when I look around and I see Americans are ten times more relaxed than I am, but not because they`re prepped to the teeth… but because they`re simply ignorant… I`m thinking they might use a daily dose of good, old paranoia, just to open their eyes to what`s going on in the U.S.

And that`s why I created this site. To help Americans see beyond the pink lenses of their glasses. Well, that didn`t work out that well. And I`m actually glad it didn`t. Because what I`ve created here is even more important: the MyFamilySurvivalPlan community. Made of people interested in the same issues, people who love their families more than anything in the world, who want to protect their kids and their homes and who want to see this country change into better. And I want to thank you for being part of this community. People like you are the ones I write for.

Now what makes me an “authority” in the field? Well, I already told you about my fanatic preparedness period. And although I am over the crazy now, I`m still very passionate about survival and I constantly look for the best ways to protect my family, according to our needs. I believe every family needs a customized survival plan, not a “recipe”, and that`s why I`m trying to write or repost as many articles on this subject as possible — from main survival topics to specific ones, to cover every little detail. This way, you can take whatever seems appropriate for you and your family and make your own plan, just like I did.

Also, you should know a little bit about my line of work. I used to work as a hygiene officer in a well-known US company, being in charge with food safety. In the time spent there I learned a lot about food: cooking, storing, freezing, transporting… basically everything that has to do with food safety. And the more I learned about it, the more pieces of the puzzle I fit together, until I could see the big picture. Food security is actually a small part of all the things that jeopardizes our daily way of life, but thanks to my job, now I can spot all the other threats hanging right above our heads. And you can clearly see the results in the articles I write.

Just one more thing to say about me: I`m a huge fan of outdoor living. Fishing carp is one of the things I love most and it just happens that fishing is also one of the oldest and most basic survival skill. I learned to love this sport ever since I was a kid and I`d go fishing with my dad, but it`s only been a few years since I realized just how important it is: A good fisherman will never starve and will keep his loved ones well fed. And I believe this is the essence of MyFamilySurvivalPlan: teaching you the ways to keep your family safe and sound, no matter what happens.

Now I`ll let you enjoy the site and I`d be more than happy to read your opinions (even if they`re completely opposed to mine) in the comments section of the articles I write.

Stay safe!

Alec Deacon




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