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How To Make Your Own Survival Bracelet

Make Your Own Survival Bracelet

If you haven’t thought about getting a survival bracelet yet, it’s high time you did. And not only for yourself but for every member of your family. And your pet, if you have one. Strangely, the paracord bracelet has become more than a “survivalist thing”. It’s become a trend with vast numbers of people either buying or making their own.

Here’s the upside: the recent fuss on the Internet has grabbed the attention to a few very talented and creative people who’ve started making tens of variants for this bracelet. Now you can make a paracord belt, keychain, dog leash, knife lanyard and even a paracord purse if you want to. Also, you can choose different colors, patterns, and styles, according to your needs and preferences.

The paracord bracelet

You can also choose whether to buy a ready-made bracelet, for prices ranging from $8 to $29, or to make your own from scratch. If you want to make it yourself, you’ve got two options: You can either follow an online tutorial to learn how to weave it or you can use one of the three survival bracelet machines from Spirit Bracelets 101 (prices range from 18 to $29 a piece).

Bracelet Makersource:

#1: The Simple Weave from Geekation

I named it The Simple Weave because it’s extremely easy to follow this visual tutorial. You’ve got it all in the picture below:


#2: The Cobra Stitch

This one’s not as simple as the one above, but it’s very well explained on Homemade Gifts Made Easy, so it’s pretty much impossible not to get it right.

Here are the instructions:

a. Mark the Center of the Paracord

“Fold the paracord in half. Mark the center by tying the rubber band around it like this:”

Survival bracelet1

b. Tie a Lanyard Knot

First, you need to watch this video:

Then, follow the instructions and tie a laynard knot on your paracord. It should look like this:

Tie a Lanyard Knot

“You’ll probably need to adjust its position a bit once you’ve tied it. Make it so that the loop on the end is about 2″ (5cm) long. Also, you want the center of the paracord (marked by the rubber band) to be right on the end of the loop.

Once you’ve got the loop sized & positioned correctly, you can get rid of the rubber band.’

c. Measure Lanyard Length

“Poke the two loose ends of paracord through the loop on the metal clip. Pull them through until the distance between the lanyard knot and the metal clip is 5″ (about 12.5cm).”

Survival bracelet2

d. Cobra Stitch

Here’s a great tutorial on tying a cobra stitch:

If you want to make a paracord keychain, you can stop at 11 “bumps” on each side. If you want a bracelet or a belt, keep making knots until you reach the length you want.

paracord key chain

e. King Cobra Stitch

“Double back and do another set of cobra stitches on top of the set you just made. This is called the king cobra stitch.”

This is what it should look like when you’re in the middle of the process::

the king cobra stitch

And this is how you do it:

f. Tidy Up Loose Ends

“It’s time to snip off the loose ends from the king cobra stitch. Pick one loose end to start with. Cut it short, to leave about 1/4″ (5 mm) poking out of the bracelet.

Melt this end with a lighter, and press on the molten end with a wet finger (or the flat edge of a knife). This stops it fraying. Also, by pressing on the end, you squash it into a sort of mushroom shape (like the head of a nail), which stops it working loose. Just be careful not to burn your fingers!Repeat for the other loose end.”

Survival bracelet3

And now you’ve got a beautiful bracelet that goes with pretty much everything and that can save your life in any survival situation. Don’t forget to send me pics of the result, ok?

In the meantime, here are some more ideas on how to wear paracord accessories:

paracord accessories1

paracord accessoriessource:

paracord accessories2source:

paracord accessories3source: