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How To Make Alcohol At Home

Alcohol is probably the most common vice in the world. Made from fruits or cereals, it is available everywhere, but at a different price. A good survivalist prepares for the crisis by stocking large quantities of alcohol, even if he or she is not a consumer. This is because, in dire times, this product can make for a hefty bartering currency.

Stocking ready-made alcohol beverages can sink your survival budget. That is why many preppers choose to make their own alcohol, inside their homes, at a very low price. I will show you how!


Since ancient times, people have been producing alcohol from cereals or fermenting fruits and using the same methods for thousands of years. When the industrial era kicked in, companies started producing it on a large scale and selling it to the normal consumer at a lower price than it would have taken anyone to produce at home.

Recipes, which had been passed through generations, have long been forgotten, and the practice of producing your own alcohol has been lost in many communities.

However, when the crisis will hit, mastering this technique will prove to be crucial for both personal consumption and bartering.

How to make alcohol_1

First method: Alcohol made from fruit juice

This is a very simple way of transforming your favorite fruit beverage into deliciously homemade alcohol. You will need:

• 2 large bottles of your favorite juice, by choice
• 2 airlocks
• 2 packets of yeast powder

Make sure that the juice you select for this process is 100% natural and that it contains at least 25 grams of sugar for each serving.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Pour one packet of yeast powder into each of the bottles.

2. Apply the airlocks and tighten them up.

3. Leave the bottles like this for a few days, and allow the fermenting process to take place.
As this is alcohol derived from fermentation, you do not have to worry of getting methanol poisoned, which can only happen if the product is derived from improper distillation.

Crystal White Sugar

Second method: Alcohol made from sugar

This procedure is a bit more complicated, but the end product is absolutely delicious.

Here are the ingredients and materials that you will need:

• 16 pounds of normal table sugar
• 1 pound of distiller’s yeast
• a 6-gallon food bucket, with lid
• a fermentation vessel of the same capacity as the food bucket, with a rubber airlock
• a funnel
• tap water

Distiller's Yeast

The most important aspect to this recipe is the nature of the yeast. You cannot use any type of this live organism to extract alcohol from sugar. Contact a distillery or a merchant that deals with these producers, and purchase special enhanced yeast.

Here are the steps to securing alcohol from normal table sugar:

1. In the large food bucket, mix the sugar with the warm tap water. Mix well;

2. Transfer the mixture to the fermentation vessel;

3. Add the yeast, using the funnel, only when the mixture has cooled down;

4. Leave the mixture to ferment for two days. Make sure that the temperature in the room does not change drastically, and is always between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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5. Apply the airlock and make sure that no oxygen is left inside, by pouring a little water over the airlock.

6. Let the fermentation process continue. This might take any time between 2 and 12 days. During this period, the yeast will no longer reproduce and it will generate alcohol. The process will be determined by the bubbling observable at the top of the vessel. When the bubbling will be extremely slow, the fermentation will be complete.

7. Extract the alcohol by siphoning it out, and thus leaving all the unwanted remains in the vessel. The resulting substance should have a concentration of alcohol of at least 20%.

8. Store it into bottles and add it to your cocktails or desired drinks.

How to make alcohol

By using any of these two methods, you will ensure that your storage will contain one of the most consumed substances on the planet. Even if alcohol is not a regular choice for you, it will prove to be a priceless bartering resource.

By MFSP Contributor