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QUICK QUIZ: Do You Recognize These 4 Home Security MASSIVE FAILS?

Do You Recognize These 4 Home Security Massive Fails
Graphic © / Photo – Unsplash (PD)

This lock is completely useless!! Can you see why?

FULL, IN DEPTH TUTORIAL: ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE: How To Protect Your Home And Your Loved Ones Against ANYTHING The Bad Guys Try To Do.


1) This hasp is super thin, NOT hardened, and could EASILY be snipped open with a pocket-sized hand held mini bolt cutter in about two seconds (or a $6 junior hacksaw in under a minute!)
SOLUTION: Upgrade to a double-thickness hardened hasp such as this one.

2) Latch is held on with basic screws – could be taken off silently in a few seconds with a Philips screwdriver. MEGA fail!
SOLUTION: Use stainless steel carriage bolts like these ones (dome top) on the outside, double locking nuts on the inside, ideally with a steel plate on the inside to make drilling more challenging – or fit a heavy duty hardened hasp such as this one which covers the bolts when closed.

3) This padlock is old, cheap and is “open shackle” – which permits easy insertion of a steel rod, bear claw or crowbar. One good lever with one of the above and it’s off. It could also probably be popped with a hammer and cold chisel in one good strike. Completely useless. SOLUTION: A heavy duty, top quality closed shackle padlock such as this one with make it much, much harder to break in.

4) Latch is held on with a basic nut on the outside – ridiculously easy to undo!
SOLUTION: Put the bolt the correct way round so that the nut is on the inside!! (and use a domed top coach bolt or covered hasp, as above).


Protect your home (get this handled asap):

When we talk about survival and preparedness we have to look first to the most important skill of them all: home defense.

Do you think that a group of men could get into your house and take anything they want? Or you truly believe that you can keep them far away from your porch?

I’ll bet at least one of your doors is unlocked, right now. A home attack could happen any time – and daytime attacks are increasingly common.

It’s time to start getting to work on your home and property. Do NOT leave it to chance!

Here are four steps you need to take:

1) The first step is to make sure you know as much as possible about them and have them know as little as possible about you. That means taking these steps to “disappear off the map” while also taking these steps to give yourself that maximum possible time to react to any incoming threat

2) The second step is to protect and beef up your doors. Your goal should be to make sure they CANNOT get in – no matter which tools they brought with them! Add two more deadbolts to the door, one high up and one down low. If you drill these out carefully and correctly, you can keep your work hidden from the outside. Just remember not to throw those deadbolts, unless your whole family is inside; otherwise, they can’t get in. On the hinge side of the door, you’ll want to replace the screws with longer ones, so that they go into the stud. Also, replace one screw in each hinge with a pin, drilling out the corresponding hole in the other side of the hinge for clearance – to prevent hinge attacks such as the halligan bar attack. Between the deadbolts and these bolts, your door will be much stronger. But there are many more upgrades you can do: here’s the full list.

3) Third step – Windows: First – do a walk-through before you leave for the day and make sure they are actually closed. Even if “you think you closed them”. Don’t leave a ladder out in your yard. Then look into window locks: Even having simple window locks and actually using them puts you ahead of the crowd – but to be a truly hard target that they won’t bother messing with there is more to learn: Full window security tutorial here.

4) Step 4 – Understand and apply all of the “layers” of home defense. This is an absolutely vital concept. Here is the link to the full list of all 25 layers and the amazing in-depth tutorial:

ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE: How To Protect Your Home And Your Loved Ones Against ANYTHING The Bad Guys Try To Do.