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How To Dig Your Own Water Well


Some survivalists prepare themselves by storing large quantities of food or weaponry, for fear of a total lockdown. Others are scared of financial turmoil, so they invest their money in whatever might become a good bartering currency during the crisis.

Many of these preppers have written to me, worried that they have run out of storage place. When asked what their storeroom contains, many of them admitted that they have allocated a large area for storing barrels of fresh water.

As vital as water will be in times of crisis, there are solutions that could provide you with a generous amount of it, and still have enough storage space for food and other necessities.

One of these solutions is a hand-dug well right within the confines of your property.

Homeowners from all over the country have started digging their own water well in their backyard, and the reason for this practice is not hard to find. Through this strategy, they can free most of the space occupied by those 20 l barrels in their storeroom.

I will show you just how easy it is to dig your own well within the confines of your own property. It is an easy procedure, that I myself have used in the past and it cost me little to nothing at all. This system will do wonders for your family and it will be more efficient than the one a local company might charge you for.

The materials and the tools that you will need*

• 4 x 8 ft Lengths of 8 in PVC Pipe
• 4 x 8 ft Lengths of 6 in PVC Pipe
• 4 x 8 ft Lengths of 4 in PVC Pipe
• 4 x 8 in Slip-Slip PVC Coupling
• 4 x 4 in Slip-Slip PVC Coupling
• 4 x 6 in Slip-Slip PVC Coupling
• 2 x 8 in PVC End Cap
• 2 x 6 in foot valve
• 2 x 4 in foot valve
• 2 Adjustable Post Hole Digger/Auger with 8 in Auger head
• Drill rod extensions for Post Hole digger
• Spanner/Catcher
• Can of PVC Pipe Glue Primer
• Can of PVC Pipe Glue
• Hacksaw
• Permanent Marker
• 8 ft tripod with pulley
• 8 in Water Bailer*Quantities may vary

Where to dig the well

This is the most important aspect to consider when you decide to begin your work.

• You must stay away from septic tanks, sewer lines, marsh fields or other utilities.

• Try to find a place to bore the well that has a slight inclination, and place the system at the highest possible angle. This way, gravity will do its job and relieve you from a harder work.

• Make sure you contact the local authorities regarding this matter. In some areas, a building permit is required.

Digging the well

In order for this project to be successfully completed, you will need to follow these instructions accordingly.

1. Arrange the well screen. This structural element is crucial to this construction, as it will filter out the mud and debris that might come in contact with the water. It is represented by the largest pipe and it has slits cut across its circumference. The well will begin at about 3 inches from the end of the 8 in PVC pipe.

2. Use a colored pen to mark sections all along the pipe. These marks should be around 8 in long and 2 inches apart. Do this until you reach a length of 6 feet. pipe section

3. Cut the pipe with a hacksaw, once the desired length has been achieved.

4. On both ends of the pipe apply primer and glue, and place a PVC cap over it. Let it dry for two hours.

5. Place the two-foot valves at the bottom of each pipe, the 4-inch, and the 6-inch one. These components will prevent the water from escaping after it has been extracted. Glue them to the pipes and let them dry.

6. Use an auger to bore the well. By moving it into a clockwise direction, you will make sure that the drilling goes straight. When full, retract the auger and empty it.

water pump2

7. When the tunnel becomes too deep, attach a drill rod to help you dig even deeper.

8. Next, bail the well and place the tripod on top of the bore.

9. Insert the well screen and install both the outer foot valve pipe and the inner one.

10. Install the handle and test it. Congratulations! You have just secured yourself a source of potable water that will prove to be crucial in the upcoming crisis.

water pump 3

Go ahead and complete this easy DIY project, and start occupying the space in your storeroom with more important items. Now, you and your family will profit from this well for years to come.