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13 Uses For Baking Soda Any Survivalist Should Know

13 Survival Uses For Baking Soda
13 Uses For Baking Soda Any Survivalist Should Know – Graphic © Background photo: Pexels (PD)

Baking soda has so many more purposes in an emergency situation than you might think. In fact, it’s every survivalist’s dream item: multipurpose and extremely versatile…

Here are 13 uses that every survivalist or prepper out there should know:

#1: Antacid

Baking soda helps regulate pH, it’s a natural antacid. Use it if you’re dealing with heartburn, indigestion or an upset stomach – these can happen a lot when you’re in a stressful emergency situation.

Caution: It may interact with certain prescription drugs! Also, before swallowing, make sure it is completely dissolved in water.

#2: For colds and the flu

Another medical use of baking soda is healing cold symptoms. A mixture of baking soda powder and cool water eases minor headaches and has a potent healing power against flu.

#3: Itchy skin and insect bites treatment

As you already know from my last article, a baking soda water mix is great for blisters and itchy skin or insect bites. It relieves the pain and has a soothing effect.

#4: Sunburn remedy

Spray baking soda with water directly on red burns to cool the skin and take the sting away.

#5: Soothe your feet

After walking for miles, your feet will be grateful if you soak them in some warm water with baking powder for a soothing and calming effect.

#6: Rehydration drink

Mix baking soda with water, salt, and a little sugar and you’ve got an efficient drink for dehydration (which causes sleepiness, stress, muscle weakness).

Remember: In stressful, exhausting situations, good hydration is essential for survival!

#7: Natural homemade toothpaste

Commercial toothpaste, that’s one thing you can remove from your bug-out bag. Make your own toothpaste without all those artificial substances.

On I’ve found out a recipe for a minty baking soda toothpaste, which contains simple ingredients such as sea salt, peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil and filtered water. Find out more about how to make this toothpaste on their website.

#8: Odor remover

Deodorize your body with a little baking soda patted unto your underarms. It’s an awesome and cheap odor remover (in case you’re out of deodorant or simply don’t have any room for it in your bug-out bag).

#9: Put out a fire

Knowing how to start a fire is crucial for any survivalist or prepper. It’s an essential survival skill, but so is putting out the fire quickly when needed.

You don’t need special training to extinguish a fire, just throw a handful of baking soda at the base of the flame. It’s that simple. This might come in handy when you need to clear the area fast and move to a safer place.

#10: Fungal and yeast killer

Treat fungal infections and yeast with baking soda patted or dusted directly on the affected area. I find this a great tip because skin fungal infections are very common when you find yourself in an emergency situation – stress and exhaustion cause your immune system to fail, and that’s exactly when such an infection settles in.

#11: Septic care

If you have issues with drains and pipes, baking soda can help you avoid septic emergencies. It’s a safe and natural cleaner that keeps all the good bacteria your septic system needs.

#12: Clean fruits and vegetables

You might find different fresh fruits and vegetables along the way, but even if you’re starving, do not eat them unwashed! Before eating them, sprinkle them with water and baking soda to clean dirt and residue.

#13: Hygienic cure-all

A must in every disaster situation. You can clean your hands (you can make your own gentle liquid hand soap with baking soda), hand wash dishes and pots, clean brushes and combs (for removing hair and natural oil build-up), or clean and freshen gear. You name it, it’s a cleaning cure-all!

Take full advantage of all baking soda has to offer. Remember, part of being prepared for survival is being resourceful and use the same item for more than one purpose. And baking soda really is the ultimate multiple purpose item. Can you come up with other uses for it?