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The Horrors Of War – Now And Then

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Today we are witnesses of what “horrors of war” truly means. Besides the bloodbath that accompanies every battle, besides the loss of human lives and the destruction of entire cities… there are effects that no reconstruction can mend. Effects that linger for decades and destroy, little by little, millions of innocent lives, from the moment they were born to their very last breath.

And US is not the only one using chemicals to destroy entire nations. Communists did the same during the Cold War when they poisoned an entire region in Southeast Asia with a substance they released from the sky.

People call it “The Yellow Rain” and this is where the mystery of the story lies. You see, soviets didn’t want to be accused of using chem weapons, so they released them in the air exactly when bees stopped hibernating and created this special effect of “Yellow Rain”. Practically, when they dropped processed pollen all over the ground when they started flying after a long period of hibernation.

So the commies got away with this one, as no one could prove they were the ones poisoning the population, and not the “killer pollen”. But people who have lived to tell the story say otherwise. Every time there was a “Yellow Rain”, people would see planes in the sky, overflying the region.

Right afterwards, people would get severely ill or simply die. It was pretty clear the mysterious deaths were linked to the appearance of those planes. However, no one could ever prove it.

The same mysterious “Yellow Rain” fell in Tokyo, too, in March 2011. Curious to know what the authorities said it was? Pollen.

History repeating. Simple as that. Now it’s been decades since the effects of lead, mercury and uranium have been well known for their monstrous effects. However, none of the culprits of this horror will not admit their blame… and will not stop the use of these chemical weapons.

More to that, they claim it’s actually for the benefit of the victims. As very well puts it, “the USA’s illegal invasion of Iraq will continue to kill Iraqis for decades to come yet they still argue that the invasion was for the benefit of Iraqis”.

But what comes around goes around and lately the US has been the target of collective hate all throughout the Arab world and even in Europe. We’re talking about countries that repeatedly threatened to use chemical and biological weapons. Countries that are just waiting for a sign to start poisoning our air, our water and our lands. People that dream of the day when they destroy the whole American nation, to get back on our irresponsible leaders.

That makes me wonder… do our leaders really understand the danger they’re exposing the whole country to? Do they care about the future of our children and grandchildren, the ones that will experience the real horrors of the war firsthand? Do they fully comprehend they could break down an entire nation just by taking one wrong decision?

If they don’t… then what can we, citizens, do about it? How can we make a difference and save our children from becoming the Children of War. Because that’s a thought I, personally, cannot live with. I hope neither can you.

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions Of People

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions Of People

Geo-engineering is an umbrella term for deliberate climate intervention that includes spraying the sky with aerosols to reflect solar radiation away from Earth in order to cool the planet and to save the environment and humanity from the effects of supposedly man-made global warming. There is controversial evidence that this program has already been implemented for many years using unidentified chemical aerosols, known as chemtrails.

A geo-engineering chemtrails experiment using a balloon to spray sulfur particles into the sky to reflect solar radiation back into space is planned for New Mexico within a year by scientist David Keith. Keith manages a multimillion dollar research fund for Bill Gates. Gates has also gathered a team of scientist lobbyists that have been asking governments for hand-outs to for their climate manipulation experiments with taxpayer money.

Geo-engineering is touted as a last-ditch effort to save people and the planet from global warming. But the truth is that geo-engineering can alter rain cycles leading to droughts and famine that could result in billions of deaths!

Therefore, Bill Gates appears to be using his concern over global warming to cloak his real intent of controlling weather and/or depopulation.

Mount Pinatubo Model for Geo-Engineering Drought, Famine & Death

The Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines erupted in 1991, spewing 22 million tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) into the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. A 2008 study from Rutgers University based a model on Mount Pinatubo sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions and applied it to geo-engineering; the scientists said that they expected overall global cooling, but some regions would experience an increase in greenhouse gases and warming, as was recorded after Pinatubo erupted.

Based on the SO2 volcanic model, the scientists reported that geo-engineering aerosols sprayed in tropical or Arctic regions are likely to disrupt African and Asian/Indian summer monsoons, threatening the food and water supply for billions of people!

Additional negative consequences include ozone depletion, reduced strength of hydrological cycles resulting in decreased river flow and soil moisture.
While the scientists, led by Alan Robock, who performed the experiments appear to believe in man-made global warming, they do have stern warnings against the dangers of geo-engineering.

2012 Geo-Engineering Study

The Max Planck Institute conducted a study of geo-engineering models based on volcanoes, but the study was unrealistic because it used climate models with 400% more carbon dioxide than the pre-industrial era.

However, their results showed that geo-engineering will cause a strong decrease in rainfall (a 15% loss in North America and Eurasia and a 20% decrease in South America). Overall, global rainfall would be reduced by 5%.

Unless one considers the financial benefits (government and private grants), it is bewildering why the academia would support geo-engineering.

Geo-Engineering Can Cause Warming


Geo-engineering can actually cause global warming when tampering with clouds in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. The Gates-funded scientist lobbyists propose spraying sulfur dioxide 30 miles above Earth and the New Mexico experiment proposes spraying 15 miles above surface- both of these fall within the parameters of the upper atmosphere/stratosphere.

The troposphere is the lowest portion of the Earth’s atmosphere, extending an average of 4 to 12 miles above surface. Clouds that are in the lower troposphere are generally thick white clouds with a high rate of albedo or reflectivity of the sun’s rays away from Earth that produce a cooling effect. However, the experiments are to be conducted above this level in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere.

The upper atmosphere is called the stratosphere and extends as high as 31 miles above the Earth’s surface. The clouds in the higher stratosphere are generally thin, have a lower albedo reflective rate and act like a blanket that traps heat.

Both experiments propose dumping SO2 in the upper atmosphere/stratosphere, creating a heat-trapping blanket that would theoretically increase warming. This is the opposite of Gates’ stated goal to cool the planet.

(Note: most long-distance planes fly at 6 miles above surface, in the lower atmosphere/troposhere)

What About the EPA?

Given that the EPA claims that sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions cause health problems and early death and that they are shuttering coal plants over emissions, you may be wondering why the EPA isn’t screaming bloody murder over Gates’ SO2 aerosol-spraying experiments.

The answer can be found on the EPA’s own website where they promote giving regulatory power over geo-engineering/chemtrails to the UN and/or developed countries that fund the programs. The EPA is abdicating power to international interests.

Bill Gates’ failure to address the EPA’s dire warnings of the dangers of SO2 is proof that he is aware that the EPA’s claims are grossly overstated or that he doesn’t really care about the environment and has ulterior motives.

Global Warming and UN Control

Global warming is a ruse that claims that life on planet Earth is in grave danger- this alarmism is used for political gain. Global warming is a hoax based on manipulated science from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The UN currently is assuming control over geo-engineering through its Convention on Biological Diversity treaty that declared a moratorium on experiments, except in some cases.


Geo-engineering is either a risky adventure to test ignorant theories or a scheme to control weather, water and food supplies.

Bill Gates’ record as a depopulation enthusiast supports the argument that geo-engineering is a weather domination scheme that may be used as a weapon threatening the lives of billions of people.

by Cassandra Anderson

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

The first time I saw this video, about two years ago, I thought: “Oh, this must be yet another NGO exaggerating facts to get some popularity and cash in some fat checks.” After all, the idea of altering food DNA is nothing new. It has been done for thousands of years and it is still a common practice, even in the USA. And I know that for sure because I lived on a farm as a child and my grandpa would graft all sorts of plans, without any danger to health but an insatiable craving for the delicious results.

So I labeled this reaction as a natural resistance to change that people always express when dealing with technological breakthroughs. “Just give it some time and people will embrace it, just like they’ve embraced technological advances in medicine”, I thought.

But I couldn’t have been farther from the truth and I honestly admit I am glad I was wrong. Here’s what a recent study shows about genetically modified food:

Rat Tumors


Would you look at the size of that thing?! What on earth do they put in that food? Now, I’d heard before that this newly fabricated food (GMO) was not as healthy as Montano and other companies involved try to market… but I never thought it was THAT bad! Just look at those rats, for God’s sake!

And tumours are just the beginning. According to the study, “50% of male and 70% of female rats died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group”, after suffering not only from tumours, but also kidney and liver damage. (

Objections to the study were very prompt. “Some researchers” stated this species of rats are prone to developing cancer and that’s why they were chosen for this particular test. Alright, alright, let’s suppose that’s true. Let’s say those rats have a tendency to develop cancer. But that doesn’t alter the numbers: the mortality rate is 70% for the rats fed with genetically engineered food and only 30% for those kept on a standard diet.

After these results were published, the French government immediately sent it to the EU food safety agency and asked them to “take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union“, as Reuters reports.

And EU’s response wasn’t long awaited:“This study finally shows we are right and that it is urgent to quickly review all GMO evaluation processes,” says Jose Bove, vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s commission for agriculture, according to

But if GMO food is not very popular among Europeans, it is widely used in the US. Even by you! You just don’t know it yet. And that’s because a genetically modified food is not labeled as such.

genetically modified foodsource:

Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Nestle, Pepsi, Hershey, Coca-Cola, Sara Lee, Rich Products, Dole and Del Monte have raised $25 million (!!!)to keep specifications of modified food off labels. On the other side, California activists are trying to pass Proposition 37. This law would force GMO food producers to specify the nature of their product on the label. But how can you win this war when your opponents are the biggest food corporations in the US… and the congress?

That’s right, Monsanto has already won a battle when Washington lawmakers allowed farmers to plant genetically modified food, even though legal proceedings were pending.

GMO battlesource:

And let’s not even bring up the so-called tests made to make sure GMO’s are safe for eating. It takes years and years of tests on animals and humans to see what negative effects they may have on the long-term. But Monsanto hurried to state their food is safe not only for health, but also for the environment.

However, the Human Genome Project Information lists a series of possible disturbing effects of GMO’s:


○ Potential human health impacts, including allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance markers, unknown effects

○ Potential environmental impacts, including the unintended transfer of transgenes through cross-pollination, unknown effects on other organisms (e.g., soil microbes), and loss of flora and fauna biodiversity

Access and Intellectual Property

○ Domination of world food production by a few companies

○ Increasing dependence on industrialized nations by developing countries

○ Biopiracy, or foreign exploitation of natural resources


○ Violation of natural organisms’ intrinsic values

○ Tampering with nature by mixing genes among species

But rising from the middle of this battle comes the following question, cleverly addressed by Global Issues: Do we actually need genetically engineered food,given that agriculture in small biodiverse farms are actually very productive? Economics and politics at all levels, (international, national and local) have often prevented food from reaching hungry people, not a lack of production. These same causes have also created, or contributed to, a lot of poverty, which prevents people from being able to afford food in the first place.”

So, in the end, what we should be concerned about is not labeling genetically modified food as such or banning it from international markets. What every American should be fighting for is our own agriculture, that is now on the edge of destruction, due to political and economical interests of food industry giants.

Just a few decades ago, the USA was called “the Bread Basket of the world”. Today, we’re one step away from becoming “The Poison Basket of the world”. And the cherry on top of the genetically modified cake: citizens just like you and me will be the first poisoned lab rats of the greedy fat cats.