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Why The Sequester Is A Punch In The Face Of Taxpayers

Ah, taxpayers. Those useful beings that you can milk for money whenever the country goes downhill. After all, they`re the ones demanding a better life for their kids. So let them suffer for their kids, right?

I think that`s what Obama & co. had in mind when they decided to implement the Sequester. Now, I`m not saying that spending cuts aren`t necessary. Of course they are. Have you seen our national debt?! But here`s something the current administration doesn`t seem to know: going for the poorest and most unstable systems in the U.S. is NOT the answer. They`re already down, don`t bring them to rock bottom.

And by that, I`m refering to:

1. Education



I admit this is one of my soft spots. When they “punish” kids for their mistakes, I feel like packing and fleeing the country. This is not the right way to fix things. This will only bring a load of major problems in the future. But who cares about the future, when NOW dictates 40,000 people who work in education must be sacked… and 70,000 poor children will no longer go to school, because they won`t have the Head Start program to support them. Even kids with disabilities are subjected to spending cuts: Funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is slated to drop by $591 million over 10 years.

And “if the cuts continue through the fall, grants designed to improve the quality of education for more than 20 million of the country’s poorest students – and some 6.5 million with special needs – will be canceled, according to information given to Congress by the Department of Education.” (

But my favorite one of all is this: “2,100 fewer food inspections could occur”. So we get lousy education for our children AND have them eat questionable food. I`m sure if inmates read this, they`d be rolling on the floor laughing, knowing they`re treated better than the American youth.

Before I get to the next spending cut, I want to leave you with a quote I read on the Huffington Post  that perfectly sums up the waz decisions are made in our country:

 “Some people in Congress, they’re bullies – if you don’t do exactly what they want, they’re going to screw your kids.” (Heather Herakovic, an Ohio-based mother of two)

2. Food prices

Food prices


Obviously, the prices will be going through the roof this year. Because, apparently, the drought wasn`t enough.

According to CNN Money, a $51 million dollar cut to food safety programs means food inspectors will be furloughed and lead to closures of meat and poultry plants for up to 15 days. Americans will have to pay more and deal with shortages of chicken, eggs, pork and beef, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

“Food safety could be compromised,” he said in a letter. There will be less food available — by as much as 2 billion pounds of meat, 3 billion pounds of chicken, 200 million pounds of eggs.””

 3. Health



Healthcare has become a major problem ever since Obama came to presidency in 2008. But now, the problem`s got to huge proportions.

RT America informs us there will be severe cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) budget. This means there will be about 424,000 fewer HIV tests and 540,000 vaccines for diseases such as the flu, hepatitis and the measles. Also, thousands of Americans will no longer have access to the medication they need to keep HIV/AIDS under control, thanks to rollbacks to the AIDS Drugs Assistance Program.

Americans who suffer from mental disorders aren`t going to get their pills anymore, either.  More than 500,000 people will lose mental health and drug treatments, even though the U.S.A.  ranks No. 1 globally for mental illness.

4. Defense



Here`s what Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress on Wednesday:  if the sequester kicks in on March 1, he may have to shorten the workweek for the “vast majority” of the Defense Department’s 800,000 civilian workers. (

There are already towns in the U.S. where there is NO cop to defend citizens, thanks to the massive sacking in the police force. And now, the remaining officers will be on the job part-time, which is just great now that prisons are being freed for “economic reasons”.

“Hundreds of detained illegal immigrants have been freed across the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they had reviewed several hundred cases of immigrants and decided to put them on an “appropriate, more cost-effective form of supervised release” in a move started Tuesday.” (

In the meanwhile…

Facebook paid no income taxes



RT America reports that “as a result of tax loopholes and deductions, the social media giant Facebook paid no income taxes for the fiscal year 2012, despite reaping $1.1 billion in US corporate profits, according to a new report.

So that`s it for us, American taxpayers: while $billion companies pay NO income taxes, we can finally stop spending our money on “useless” things like schooling and pills and shell it all out on bread, milk and eggs, that will probably cost their weight in gold. Thank God we`ve got the Government to show us what`s truly important in life.


 By Alec Deacon



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