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The REAL Numbers Of The U.S. Crisis

One thing`s for sure: U.S. officials are really bad at estimations. Of any kind. But when it comes to estimating damages made by their own ignorant decisions… they`re the worst! Estimated fiscal cliff numbers… wrong. Estimated Obamacare damages… wrong.

The Consequences of Obamacare


Obviously, they`re doing it on purpose, hoping they`ll fool people long enough to figure out another major scam that will take everyone`s mind off the others. For example now, when 7 million people are about to lose their job-based health insurance, all thanks to Obama`s idea of reforming the system… they`re using fearmongering tactics to make us bite the bait with the cyberwars. Sure it`s a real threat, I`ve talked about it before and I think it`s as serious as it gets. But how come they suddenly started worrying about it NOW? The U.S. has been attacked by hackers for years. But it`s only in the past two weeks that politicians have started talking about it for the media.

But what they don`t understand is that the magic act is over. The “look at this while I sneak the bunny in the hat” tactic is old and tired. You can`t rob millions of working Americans of their health insurance like it`s something you decided to scratch off your shopping list. It`s ok to pay millions of lazy assess to sit at home and do absolutely nothing, but it`s not ok to keep working Americans healthy. If you can make any sense of this, please help me out. I can`t seem to see the bigger picture here…

And talking about the bigger picture… reputed American economist Laurence Kotlikoff revealed the REAL national debt numbers in an interview on Russia Today. If you were already outraged by the official numbers… well, brace yourself: the actual debt raises to an amount twenty times higher than what we`re being told.

Ready? It`s $222 trillion! That is three times the world GDP (Gross domestic product). Our debt is bigger than what the whole world makes!

“According to Kotlikoff, the true extent of the growing fiscal gap has been concealed by Washington for years, a process that could ultimately result in debt disaster: China and Japan, top American money-lenders, could simply stop the cash flow.

Moreover, in the last few years the Federal Reserve has raised the base money cap from $800 billion to $3 trillion, creating the foundation for possible hyperinflation, Kotlikoff said. The whole situation remains unnoticed by the public while politicians try to avoid the problem, leaving it to future generations to reach a solution.” (

In other words, why shouldn`t our kids pay for everything? They just keep raising the ceiling and keep piling more and more debt… and leave it to the next generation to come up with a real long-term solution. It`s like the only goal Obama and his administration have is to keep the country on the world map. That`s it. Whatever goes beyond this should be handled by a Terminator sent from the future. It`s just too damn hard.

In the meanwhile, here are some more numbers I know you`ll just love:

$7 billion spent on 2012 campaign


So here we are, with a failed economy, a limping society and the world`s most distructive political class… but we can pride ourselves in the most expensive electoral campaign ever made.

“$7 billion – that’s how much the 2012 US election campaign will have cost after all the ballots have been cast. In 2010, UK election spending was £31million ($48million).

Even if the UK was the same size as America, spending to get candidates elected in the United States would still be 30 times that of the UK.

Still not shocked? Facebook’s revenue in 2011 was a mere $3.7billion, or, if you want to talk countries, $7billion is roughly the entire GDP of Zimbabwe. Yes, America will likely spend more on campaign posters, badges and attack ads in 2012 than the entire gross domestic product of Zimbabwe.”

I got this off The whole world is shocked at the irresponsible decisions our politicians make without even blinking… However, 61 million Americans voted for Obama last year. Good job, America! Good job!


By Alec Deacon


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