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The Country Of Secrets That Can`t Be Kept


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We`ve barely started a brand new year and the word “secret” has already been said and written too many times in the media. What is it with the U.S.A. and secrets? Why does everything have to be strictly confidential? We`re a so-called democratic country that doesn`t know how to spell transparency. Read more

The Illusion Of A Free World

TrapWire SurveillanceWho else feels like they`re living in Russia raise your hands. For those of you whose hands are still down, here`s an uncomfortable piece of news:

 The USA is turning into a gigantic wiretapping machine, very much like former… Read more

A Twist Of Fate For Uncle Sam

Citizens in need

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These days, people all over the world watch TV, read their newspapers and listen to the radio in their cosy kitchens, thinking “Thank God I`m not American”. People that we used to pity before, for… Read more

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