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survival food

Top 5 Things NOT To Hoard

Talking to some survivalist friends, I realised that every one of us had filled our pantries with at least one useless item. Two of my friends were actually quite upset at the end of our meeting, when they realised half… Read more

Survival Seeds: Why You Need Them

No matter how much food you store, the fact is that eventually it will go bad or you will run out. What happens then? Will you and your family simply starve and waste away, or will you become dependent upon some government program or someone else for your food? The good news is that you Read more

Survival Skill – Pickling

July-2012-009-225x300Mmmm.. the delightful smell of simmering vinegar, dill and mustard seed. It’s a smell that never fails to transport me back to my childhood, being driven out of the house by the smell of my mother’s day-long pickling marathons. The… Read more

Freeze-Dried Food: How is it Different?

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Although freeze-drying sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, the concept itself is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. It is only the process itself that has changed over time.

Where in previous… Read more

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