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“Lock Your Doors And Load Your Guns” – How It All Begins -

Lock your door... and load your guns

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No, this is not the Zombie Apocalypse. But it might as well be. When people are advised to lock themselves in their homes and keep guns under their bed… it matters less who the enemy is. What`s really frightening is how low we sunk, as nation. Read more

Childhood, Interrupted

child sexual abuse

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Personally, I am very concerned about the way kids are treated in this country. A few days ago, I was reading a follow up on the Boy Scout scandal. In case you haven`t heard about it yet,… Read more

Burglary Reduction Month

That`s right. This crime is so popular in the USA, they had to dedicate a whole month to making this cause more visible.Cause that`s what it`s all about. Not about ACTUAL crime reduction. After all, if burglars are walking safely… Read more

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