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How to Create a Panic Room in Your Home -Part Two-

Now, the first thing on your list should be pepper spray. Get them for all the kids and the ladies in your family. Teach them how to use it and show them where you keep them. Then it`s up to you how far you want to go. You can get guns for every member of your family or you can install high-voltage stun devices on the floor. It all depends on your needs and your budget. In movies, panic rooms can be quite elaborate. Read more

How to Create a Panic Room in Your Home

First of all, you need an alarm system to let you know your house has been broken into. I know how expensive these things get, but how about a perfectly functional rudimentary system: put squealers on your doors and windows (they sound an alarm when someone breaks in). You can find them at Wal-Mart for about $25 (for your entire home). Read more

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