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15 Signs That You Better Get Prepared For The Obama Recession Of 2013


You better get ready, because there are a whole host of signs that economic trouble is on the horizon.  U.S. economic growth slipped into negative territory during the fourth quarter of 2012.  That was the first time that has happened in more than three years.  Several important measures of manufacturing activity have also contracted in recent weeks, and consumer confidence is way down.  Read more

2013 – The Year Of American Revolution?

2013 - The year of American revolution

Everyone hates the Congress! And when I say everyone… I sure mean it. A new poll reveals that over 77% of Americans “strongly disapprove of Congress”. And that`s just college talk for “hate”. It`s getting personal. People can`t just sit around and watch them juggle their fate anymore. Read more

Chaos Or Nothing

Angry people

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Today, five people decide our fate. Five people will change the future of 315,000,000 Americans. President Obama, together with the Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress will discuss tax increases and spending cuts, deciding who will become… Read more

The Illusion Of A Free World

TrapWire SurveillanceWho else feels like they`re living in Russia raise your hands. For those of you whose hands are still down, here`s an uncomfortable piece of news:

 The USA is turning into a gigantic wiretapping machine, very much like former… Read more

Fed Report: 100% Chance of Recession


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 While the economy was on the minds of most voters last night, what they didn’t know may have very well swung the election to one candidate over another.

And this particular tidbit of data is as… Read more

Obama Going For Our Kids Again


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Recently, Obama gave an interview to MTV, the most popular music channel in the USA. The goal of his appearance on this channel is pretty obvious: he`s trying (really, really hard) to get the support of America`s… Read more

Things Obama Can Fix


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If you watched Obama talking to Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, then you should know by now that he can fix anything. Anything! Problems in Libya? I fix it. You don`t believe it? Read… Read more

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