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Prepare your mind for the coming crisis – Part 1 -

5 Major Reasons To Prepare Your Mind For The Crisis




Now here`s a subject that never gets in the spotlight, although it`s absolutely crucial in matters of survival. I`m talking about psychological preparedness. And despite what most people think, this is not some psycho-babble BS as useful as a hole in your head. In fact, psychological preparedness acts like that ground layer of thick cement that holds your whole house up right.




And this is exactly why I want you to understand what makes mental preparedness so crucial to your survival. So let`s take the 8 Major Reasons To Prepare Your Mind For The Crisis one by one:




1. Avoid deadly mistakes


This is the most important reason why you should train your mind for looming disasters. When dealing with an extreme situation, most people start doing all the wrong things: they run for their lives, they drive out of own when roads are blocked, they hide in their panic room for days while looters steal their stockpile and so on.




Sure, they look stupid, right? Why would anyone do something so irresponsible? But here`s the thing: when an unpredictable disaster strikes in the middle of the night, your fear will act for you, like a robot taking over your whole brain. And you unconsciously end up making a deadly mistake before you even reach the door.




It`s not something you`ve planned. It`s not your fault. It`s just how human brain responds to extreme situations when you haven`t prepared it for disasters.




Which takes me to reason #2:




2. React as YOU planned during unpredicted disasters


Building a stockpile and making survival plans might save your life during the crisis. But if you don`t discover the secrets to mental self-control, it`s all just a huge waste of money and time.




And here`s why:


When crisis hits, chaos will take over your town. Unpredictable things will happen. It may get a lot worse than you ever imagined it could. In times like these, you need to stay cool. You need to focus on your family`s survival and your own well-being. You need to stick to the plan.




But here`s what happens: you`ll be distracted by the chaos outside, by your neighbors desperately crying for help, by your kids getting scared and by so many other terrifying events. You`ll forget about your plans. Or you`ll abort them, because “the situation calls for it”.




But there`s a catch: everyone else does the same thing. Everyone else gets caught in the chaos and there`s no other safety pillar to hold your family and your home together. And that`s exactly why you need to…




3. Avoid getting caught in the claws of despair and depression


This is the hardest thing you`ll ever do, because depression is a tricky illness… it slowly gets under your skin and it takes an extraordinary effort and will to get rid of it.




Many people have found themselves torn by despair and unbearable sadness during the Great Depression… and the coming crisis is most likely to make just as many victims. But you need to stand by your family, you need to be strong, optimistic and in full control.




Only this way you`ll be able to use your survival plans at their best and enjoy your hard-worked stockpile. And most important…




4. Soothe and inspire your loved ones




When the crisis hits your town, your kids or your spouse may deal with a traumatic shock. This means they can get depressed, severely ill or even suicidal! It doesn`t mean they`ve gone crazy. It means they`ve been overwhelmed with the events and the chaos outside… and they couldn`t find anything to soothe their pain and stress.




So that`s where you come in. Mental preparedness not only helps you be in control of your own feelings… but also guide others through the rough times. In your home, you`ll be a vivid “safe haven”, the one who inspires peace and security.




Also, being psychologically ready for the crisis will help you calmly talk to your loved ones about the coming disasters. This means you`ll practically prepare your own family to accept the coming events and find their inner peace when things get mad.




5. Be on top of the food chain. Make the rules.


Chaos and riots have always been the common environment in times of crisis. People can`t deal with disasters. They are unprepared and many lose everything they have: their home, their job, their family…




But that doesn`t need to happen in your community. All it takes is “the man with the plan”. Someone confident who can see things clearly, and not get emotionally overwhelmed by the unfortunate events.


People will follow a leader that inspires security. And leaders need a community to keep looters away and to build their own safety oasis in a town ruled by violence and social chaos.




If you prepare your mind for the crisis, you could be the man. You could be the hero. You could make the difference between the wild wild west and a wonderful team based on trust and mutual help.




There are many more reasons to train your mind for the coming crisis, but I`ll stop to the 5 crucial ones. Next time, we`ll get straight into mental preparedness strategies, so stick around.
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