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Liberty Generator Review

I have to start off with a confession. I used to be very gullible. Especially when it came to the things I`m most passionate about, such as survival. I used to get enthusiastic about every new survival book on the market, every innovative idea… even about the little things such as a simple tweak to a stockpiling technique.

But what thrilled me most was discovering all sorts of green energy inventions. Whether it was an electric motor inspired by Nikola Tesla`s work, a DIY solar panel system or a wind turbine, I had to try them all. It was like receiving a brand new toy. A toy that was supposed to bring me energetic freedom. Because, as much as I resent admitting it, my hate for Big Energy tops my enthusiasm for building innovative machinery.

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm faded away somewhere after the fifth product I`ve bought, but never managed to make it work. I thought it was me, maybe I`m no good with building electronics… But I talked to other people on forums and they all seemed to be just as technologically challenged as I was.

Naturally, I put the big, fat “SCAM” label on all such products and stopped wasting my money on them…Until three weeks ago, when a survivalist friend of mine (just as enthusiastic as I am) insisted I payed him a visit to see his latest “work”.

I was so curious, I drove to his house the next day. He led me to his backyard and showed me a rather strange-looking hut that deposited “the heart of this whole house”. It was a biogas generator. More precisely, it was the DIY Liberty Generator.

Imagine how skeptical I was when I heard he bought a DIY generator on the Internet, built it at home, turned it on… and watched it work like it`s the most natural thing in the world. I was sitting there, looking at it working…and I still couldn`t believe it.

So I bought Liberty Generator myself. And now I want to share my experience with you and tell you exactly how it restored my faith in affordable, DIY green energy.

Claim #1: It will slash your electricity bill by 80%

I haven`t got mine yet, but when I visited my friend, he showed me his bill and it was 60% off. And he`d only had his Liberty Generator for a month. I never would`ve believed it, but I saw the bill with my own eyes.

Now, I don`t know if it`s the size of the generator (he built quite a big one), but it`s still a LOT. Imagine slashing 60% off your electric bill…You wouldn`t mind that at all, would you?

Claim #2: Building your Liberty Generator will cost you less than $200

This made me laugh when I saw it. Everyone makes the same claim: “It only takes you $300 to build your solar panel” or “With less than $200, you`ll have a perfectly functional wind turbine in your backyard”. But when you start building the thing, you realise the costs are about ten times higher.

Not with this one. When I added the costs, I couldn`t believe my eyes: $37.5. I am NOT kidding you. I had a lot of the stuff I needed around the house, so I only had to buy four pieces from the hardware store. One of them was $9.

Claim #3: Liberty Generator costs has NO maintenance costs whatsoever

So far, this claim proved to be true. A biogas generator works on the most inexpensive and most widely available bio fuel you could possibly imagine: grass, leaves, wood, animal waste… even leftovers from your daily meals. Everything bio works just fine.

I`ve been feeding this baby leftovers from dinner, dried leaves, and even my dog`s waste for three weeks now. It`s been working non-stop, powering everything in the house, from the dishwasher in the kitchen to the lights in my garage.

Claim #4: You can build your Liberty Generator in less than four hours

Well, depends on how you see it. The building itself took me about 3 hours, indeed, but I had help from a neighbor. However, I had to dig a hole to make room for the generator and that added some extra time to the process.

Depending on how big you want the generator to be (yes, it`s scalable!), if you include the digging part, it can take you from 6 hours to a couple of days. The good part is it won`t take you more than a weekend to finish the job, no matter the size of the generator.

Bottom line: Amazingly, Liberty Generator exceeded my expectations like no other product. I was so used to being scammed that I`m still in shock this one actually works.

The thing I love the most about it is that it doesn`t cost a thing to keep it working. You just gather some leaves, some grass and maybe some leftovers (although I heard some people only “feed” it leftovers and it still works) and you can keep it running for as long as you want to.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to get Liberty Generator, scale it to the size that`s most convenient to you and wait for the results. I am very curious to hear about your experience with it, so please share it with us.

Here`s where you can buy Liberty Generator:

Liberty Generator

By DiyReport – Aquaponic Farmer

12 Responses to Liberty Generator Review

  • Could you post an update? I'm curious to know how this turned out. I'm a casual prepper and I want to be able to take my house off the grid for power. Any details you can share would be wonderful!

  • How can I purchase any of these products from your site without a credit card? I am interested in a few of your products but I can only at best be able to purchase them through a money order. Do you accept money orders for your products?

  • This is a bio-gas generator. How does that convert to electricity?

    • Here is the Wikipedia answer, since i didn't produced the product myself:
      The gases methane, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide (CO) can be combusted or oxidized with oxygen. This energy release allows biogas to be used as a fuel; it can be used for any heating purpose, such as cooking. It can also be used in a gas engine to convert the energy in the gas into electricity and heat.
      I hope this help.

  • So, it's "here's how to generate methane vapor fuel, how you use it is a different topic." That's a very big gap between there and reducing your electric bill. The fuel availability is great, now to find a gas-fireplace, a vehicle natural gas conversion kit and a natural gas-capable generator, and power transfer switch. That's how I see this - a needed but separate piece of the puzzle.

    • Hi Wayne,
      As i said before it's not my product and i'm not the expert in energy devices.
      Here is the contact from Liberty Generator team:

      I'm sure they'll help out with the answers.

  • Your review said you hadn't got your electric bill yet. What equipment do you have in place to to generate AC elctricity from the bio-gas?

    • The review is made by Aquaponic Farmer from (as is written at the end of the review).
      I know this man well enough to believe his review and i have to send you there for that answer.

  • We used to have a backyard piggery in the Philippines and we built one similar biogas generator using 8 pieces of galvanized drums welded and piped together to make sure everything was sealed. My mother raised a total of 8 full grown pigs and all their waste were collected into the the generator. These 8 pigs could only produce gas to cook a meal a day (using a low pressure gas stove). So I wonder how the claim that you could warm your home during winter, or reduce your bill by hundreds of dollars, or get paid by your local utilities could be possible. You probably need to build a 100 square meter generator and collect all the community's waste and sewage to generate this amount of potential energy.

    • Abel Thomas did say the carbon sources for his biogas generator was from kitchen waste, fruit waste or any starchy material. Biogas generator fed with dunk is the conventional method, the improvised version is much compact and smaller about 1000L tank can hold up to 700L of biogas. The reaction time for the anaerobic bacteria to decompose the organic matter is also much more faster about 48 to 72 hours compare to the conventional method which up to 40 days, fed with cow dung and the size of the tank is 4 times more than the new version. For more information try google Arti Biogas, they are one of the expert biogas in india. I do feel that producing electricity with the new version is possible with proper feedstock handling.

  • Methane gas is not new, but to produce the power that is claimed, you still have to have a generator to put the fuel in, and that can cost a lot more than a couple hundred dollars. So why no updates for past few months since original endorsement. If this was indeed cost effective, there would be thousands of people promoting this deal.

  • We live north of the 49th. parallel. What are the restrictions?


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