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How To Survive Chemical Warfare – Part I -

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Lately, the USA has been repeatedly threatened with chemical attacks. So far, there was no real sign of a prepared attack, but the situation is so tense that one wrong step could unleash the worst chemical & biological war in history.

There`s no doubt you have to be prepped to the teeth for this potential disaster, because the effects of chemical agents are so powerful, they`re still clearly visible in Vietnam, after the USA sprayed the controversial Agent Orange.

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The first thing you need to know is how to detect a chemical attack, so you can prevent contamination or decontaminate in time.

Wilderness Survival says “the best method for detecting chemical agents is the use of a chemical agent detector. If you have one, use it. However, in a survival situation, you will most likely have to rely solely on the use of all of your physical senses. You must be alert and able to detect any clues indicating the use of chemical warfare. General indicators of the presence of chemical agents are tears, difficult breathing, choking, itching, coughing, and dizziness.”

Also, they advise us to use our senses to detect chemical agents. For example, some of them smell like newly cut grass or hay, while blood agents some smell like almonds.

Some agents are similar to mist or have specific colors like yellow, green or even red.

Mustard gas leaves oily patches on cars and buildings and Yellow Rain is noticeable in the form of small yellow drops on the ground, on cars or trees.

A strange taste in food, drinks or cigarettes is also a sign they`ve been contaminated or that there are chemical agents in the air.

Beware of rashes, irritations and burns on the skin. If you feel like scratching parts of your skin repeatedly and the feeling does not get away, or if you see an unusual color or spots on it, wash with soap and water immediately. If the symptoms are severe, get to the nearest hospital right away.

However, some agents are very hard to detect. In this case, your smell won`t help you in any way. But you can observe your surroundings, to see if there`s something unusual going on., Nuke Prep Expertise & Solutions, makes a list of the things we should watch out for:

  • Dead animals/birds/fish: Numerous animals dead in the same area.
  • Blisters/rashes: Many individuals experiencing unexplained rashes, bee-sting like blisters, and/or watery blisters.
  • Mass casualties: Many persons exhibiting unexplained serious health problems ranging from disorientation and nausea to breathing difficulty, convulsions, and death.
  • Unusual metal debris: Unexplained munitions like material, especially if liquid is contained. (No rain recently.)
  • Unexplained odors: Smells may range from fruity to flowery to pungent/sharp, to horseradish/garlic-like to peach kernels/bitter almonds to new mown hay. It should be noted, that the smell should be completely out of sync with its surroundings. (I.E. The smell of hay in an urban area.)
  • Low-lying clouds: Low-lying fog/cloud-like condition not explained by surroundings.
  • Definite pattern of casualties: Casualties distributed in a pattern that may be associated with possible agent dissemination methods.
  • Illness associated with a confined geographic area: Lower rates of illness for people working outdoors versus indoors or indoors versus outdoors.
  • Lack of insect life: Normal insect activity is missing. Check ground/shore line/water surface for dead insects. Also look for dead animals/birds/fish.
  • Unusual liquid droplets: Many surfaces exhibit oily droplets or film. (No rain recently.)
  • Unusual spraying: Unexplained spraying of an aerosol or liquid by vehicles, persons, or aircraft.

That`s it for today, but we`ll continue next time. We`ll talk about urgent measures you need to take if you`ve detected a chemical attack, so don`t miss out on this one!


By Alec Deacon




2 Responses to How To Survive Chemical Warfare – Part I -

  • This is what my neighbor is doing to us. Just can't prove everything. How is the big pic

    • I was trained this in the military thirty years ago...especially told to watch the aircraft. Now aircraft spray us all the time under a series of lies...and the truth of population reduction becomes clearer as we inhale the aluminum, barium, and other toxic cocktails. You can ignore this post...but believe Proverbs 22:3 and watch the skies for yourself. Do you taste the metalic taste, ears ring, dizzy, mind unfocusable? Research while you can and may Jehovah keep you safe. The last days are here.


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