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How To Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight

Nowadays, you`ve got about a million reasons to hide your guns far away from curious eyes. Whether you`re afraid a burglar will break into your home and steal them or that the feds are going to make you a friendly visit and confiscate any gun they find… you need to make sure you always have a couple spare guns that only you and your family know about.

Today, I`ll show you some sneaky ways to hide your guns around the house (in plain sight!) without doing any hard work or paying obscene amounts of money on safes. You pick your favorite method, but whichever you choose, don`t forget to let your family know there`s a gun hiding in there, just to avoid any unpleasant accidents.

Hiding spot #1: The hollow book

The hollow book


I got the complete instructions off They proved to be very useful, so let me share them with you:

Here`s what you`ll need:

●     A book you don’t care about

●     2 thin pieces of wood a bit larger than your gun

●     A scroll saw or jigsaw

●     A drill and drill bit

●     A hammer

●     Some finishing nails

●     Rubber cement (optional)

●     Felt (optional)


1    Trace the outline of your gun onto one of the thin pieces of wood (remember this is your template, so leave extra room if you want for your hand so you can pull the gun out easily)

2    Take the book and separate out the pages that you want to be the core of your hiding spot (it’s recommended to leave at least a few pages on the top and bottom untouched for looks)

3    Fold the back and front covers towards each other so they are out of the way

4    Position the wood with the outline of the gun on it ontop of the pages you want to saw through

5    Position the other piece of wood at the bottom of all the pages you want to saw through

6    Hammer a few finishing nails through the top piece of wood, making sure they go all the way through the book and into the bottom piece of wood

7    Make sure the nails are not sticking out the bottom piece of wood. If they are tap them back a bit, otherwise they will interfere when you are trying to cut out the shape on the saw

8     Drill a pilot hole along the edge of your gun outline through the whole stack

9     Start the cutting from this position and slowly work your way around the gun outline

10   Once you are done cutting all the way around the outline you should just be able to pop the cutout piece out

11   You have your new gun hiding spot!

12   Optional: Paint the inside of your cutout cavity with rubber cement paste and line with felt.

Hiding spot #2: Clay Potter Projects

Clay Potter Projects


I found this one particularly ingenious. Indeed, who would even think of stealing “sculptures” like this or break them to check for guns? It`s unlikely for them to catch anyone`s attention, that`s why they make such a good hiding place.

Here`s some advice from the GreatNorthernPrepper to make your own clay gun-holder:

What you`ll need:

●     Polymer Clay (needs baking)

●     No Bake Clay from Crayola (air dries)

What you need to do:

If you use clay that needs baking, mold it into the desired shape and, instead of putting your gun inside, fill it up with coins. And here`s why:

Polymer clay bakes at around 275-300 degrees for as little as 15 minutes. Silver needs a temperature of 1763 degrees to melt, gold melts at 1850 degrees and copper (which is common alloy added) takes 1800 degrees. So if you put coins inside you should be fine.

After you`re done, you can stick these in plain sight or put them in a box marked “Kids school projects”. 

Hiding spot #3: Old fridge

Old fridge


If you`ve got an old fridge in your garage or attic… you know, the kind that looks broken… you can use it to stash firearms. The image above is just an example taken off NorthEastShooters, but you can also add a fake wall to hide your semi-automatics even better.

What you need:

●     Old fridge

●     Hanging rack

●     *optional* Fake wall (to hide firearms behind it)

What you need to do:

●     Get rid of the shelves in your fridge

●     Fix the hanging rack instead

●     Hang the firearms vertically

●     *optional* Fix the fake wall to cover the guns

Hiding spot #4: Fake nightstand drawer bottom

Fake nightstand drawer bottom


This one`s a classic, but still efficient. And quite simple, according to IndependentLivingNews

Here`s what you`ll need:

●     ¼” sheet of oak or pine cut to fit inside the drawer

●     four 2-3 inch tall strips of wood

Here`s what you need to do:

●     First thing you`ll want to do is to take the sheet of oak or pine and apply a similar stain to blend in the new addition to that of the other drawer(s).

●     Affix the four 2-3 inch tall strips of wood  surrounding the edges of the drawer.

●     Place the wood on the strips inside the drawer, creating a false bottom inside the drawer itself. Depending upon the size of your drawer, you can hide ammunition, firearms or magazines.

Hiding spot #5: Frozen turkey

Here`s another great one from GreatNorthernPrepper. Although you`ll need to seal your gun very, very well if you choose this method, to make sure it doesn`t corrode over time.

What you need:

●     A big frozen turkey

●     Superglue

●     Kitchen utensils to cut and drain the turkey

What you need to do:

●     Thaw out the turkey in the bag

●     Take the turkey and open the metal band holding the mesh outer

●     Slice open the area on the bottom wide enough to stuff whatever you want through (if there are bones or anything else   that gets in the way, cut through that as well)

●     Drain the juices

●     Stuff the gun inside, after sealing it well (add desiccants!)

●     Dry the area with paper towel, including the turkey. 

●     Use superglue or a hot glue gun to glue the slit shut.

●     Put the mesh bag on, pinch the clamp shut and then stick it back in the freezer.

I have to admit, I was quite surprised when I read about the turkey method. Never in my life would I have thought of it, but maybe that`s why it would make such a good hiding place. Who would think about stealing a turkey from the freezer or, better yet, thaw it out to check for guns?

Now, I hope you`ll find at least one method from the ones above that you can use at home. And if you`ve got any other ideas about hiding guns around the house, please share them with us in the comments section.

Don`t forget: stay safe!

By Alec Deacon



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