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Harsh Times For Cops And Spies: Lawsuits And Constitutional Flipping-Off

copcar2013 seems to be jinxed for any kind of U.S. authority. Rage against the Congress spread across the country after a series of poor (in)decisions, then Obama added a new layer of discontent by signing signed the controversial NDAA… and now here comes my favourite part, about cops and spies.


I haven`t put this one in the Fun With Cops category, because it also includes CIA. But it sure as hell is fun… at least for us. But let`s get to the serious business: the lawsuits. One against the Portland Police and one against the grand CIA.


The lawsuits

Allegedly, five officers stormed into this couple`s house in the middle of the night to “search the area”. What exactly were the cops searching for? No one really knows. It seems that one of the couple`s neighbors called the police after hearing them shouting at each other. Indeed, they were having an argument, but there was no physical violence involved whatsoever.


The police arrived at the apartment after Brett Lopez and Sarah Lynn Hill (a.k.a. the couple) went to sleep. They shined lights through the windows to see if everything was alright, but even though the argument was dead and buried, they decided to enter the apartment through an unlocked front door.


Brett Lopez woke up and saw a bunch of officers in his bedroom. No, he didn`t scream or throw something at them. He asked them to leave his home. Big mistake. One of the cops grabbed him and tased him. Twice. And since no cop scene ends without a grand finale, they also arrested Lopez for harassment and interfering with an officer, but was later acquitted.


His girlfriend wasn`t treated any better, either. She was dragged out of the bed in her underwear and forced to stand half-naked in front of the five officers until she was finally given a blanket.


Now, the couple sued Portland Police, seeking “compensations of $70, 440, plus attorney fees for the alleged unlawful entry, unreasonable invasion of bodily privacy, use of excessive force and arrest without probable cause.” Good for them! I wish everyone who was ever a victim of police abuse sued them. It`s time they found out they`re not Gods.


However, I strongly doubt the CIA will ever admit to not belonging to Mount Olympus. Not even now, after getting busted and sued:




According to Mondoweiss, “the government watchdog group Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a lawsuit aimed at forcing the Central Intelligence Agency to release a report that provided details about the agency’s collaboration with the New York Police Department’s spying program.”


In case you didn`t know this, CIA is prohibited from collecting any information on Americans. However, the mystery report where the organization explains the legitimacy of their involvement in spying Muslim American citizens has never reached public. Now, EPIC is trying to get their hands on that report and feed it to the media. Can`t wait to see if the spies get it this time or the lid gets superglued on this case.


Until then, we can already celebrate a victory:

 stop and frisk1

stop and frisk


For those of you who don`t know what “Stop and Frisk” was about, long story short: the program allowed officers working outside residential apartment blocks to stop people on the street and search them. So whoever looked “suspicious” was subjected to a thorough “search” and sometimes even detained for no reason.


But now, thanks to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Shira Sheindlin, the program will come to an end and leave cops with nothing fun to do once again.


And since we`re talking about fun things to do…



It all started more than six years ago, when John Swartz was arrested for flipping-off a cop in St. Johnsville, New York. Swartz filed a lawsuit that was initially dismissed by a District Court. But the man was ambitious and we have to thank him for it. Just a few days ago, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit finally decided he committed no crime.


So now that flipping-off police officers is officially constitutional, feel free to express your feelings in a non-verbal way whenever you like!


By Alec Deacon


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