Family Survival System Review

Does the name Frank Mitchell tell you anything? If it doesn’t, it should. Just a snippet of his CV:

– He’s a Military Policeman

– He’s a disaster and survival expert

– He’s got the black belt in Tae Kwon Do

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– He’s a personal defense expert

– He’s got over 60 disaster-related FEMA certifications… and…

– He created a survival system that tops most books, courses and manuals on the market. Hell, it even tops most boot camps and survival clinics such as Willow Haven.

This system is called Family Survival System and it shows you how to create a “protective bubble” around your family so that NO harm can touch you or the ones you love from the outside. Even when SHTF. Or especially when SHTF.

I bought Family Survival System a couple weeks ago and I haven’t regretted it for a second. And I’ll tell you exactly why. On his website, Frank says that if his system doesn’t blow your mind at least once when you go through it, he’ll pay a full refund.

And I’m sure he would have… but it wasn’t necessary. His system is great and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any survivalist or prepper. It’s exactly how I expected to be: straightforward, filled with practical information that’s explained thoroughly, step by step, and… well, it’s simply a great read. I’ve spent last weekend reading the Family Survival System top to bottom and I don’t think I couldn’t have invested in my free time any better.

Now here are some snippets of what you’ll find in the Family Survival System, maybe it will triger your curiosity (it sure triggered mine and I wasn’t disappointed):

  • The REAL risks America is facing right now — I loved this part! He analyses some of these risks in his presentation video, as well, and he does an amazing job at it. You should definitely watch it, it really forces you to see the big picture. Here’s where you can find it:

  • The signs that tell you a major disaster is coming and, most importantly, what to do when you see them. Most people don’t see these signs because they usually happen little by little every day. You just need to know when it’s really time to act. And that’s what the Family Survival System shows you.

Here’s some really GREAT ones:

  • How to use trash in your garbage can to produce clean water for your family for months. You don’t need any filters — retails or homemade. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this one.
  • How to cook hot meals for your family all throughout the crisis — without any power or gas. Canned soup and beef jerky are all good, but why not give your family home cooked meals every day, when it’s so easy to do it?
  • How to save a life without any medical experience. This is crucial information and anyone — survivalist, prepper or just a regular American — should read this over and over again. Think about the lives you might save one day…

And here’s something I’ve never even thought of so far:

  • What information to stockpile and how to keep it safe from curious eyes. I’ve never given much thought to the kind of information  should be stockpiling for the coming crisis, but Frank has quite some interesting things to share on the matter. You should take a look yourself.
  • How to stay informed even when communications are all down. This is quite a problem, because current events dictate your next move, so it’s crucial to stay informed at all times. I’m really glad I found this in the Family Survival System.
  • When to stay in vs. when to bug out. Here’s what Frank says: when a disaster strikes, you’ll have to make your decision FAST. And it’d better be the right one, otherwise your whole survival plan could be compromised from the very beginning. I completely agree and I suggest you give this section a thorough read.
  • How to use your gun to serve your purposes and NOT work against you. This man knows what he’s talking about. He’s been in the Army for so long, he sure as hell knows when a gun can turn against you. I’m definitely taking his suggestions.
  • What food to eat when you need most energy. If you’re planning on bugging-out or you’ll need to run for your life… you need to know what foods boost your energy. Remember: if you’re one second too slow, you could be risking your own life.

And there’s a lot more where these came from. Frank Mitchell is very generous in sharing his knowledge and personal experience in the Family Survival System. And he’s generous  when it comes to pricing, as well. His top-notch system goes for $47, which is crazy! I’d have spend three times this amount to get my hands on the Family Survival System. Instead, I only paid $37, thanks to the 20% discount on his website. I believe It’s still up there, but I don’t know for how long it will be, so go get it:


And even if you don’t decide to buy the Family Survival System (which would be a pity, really), just watch the video. From the beginning to the very end. Frank Mitchell is the kind of guy who tells things as they are. He’s not hiding anything, just puts everything on the table. And you’ll have A LOT to learn from him.

Here’s the link to the Family Survival System again:

Family Survival System

By My Family Survival Plan

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