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Anyone Got A War? We`d Love To Take Part In It!

Obama's wars

 Coincidence has it that I`ve recently stumbled upon two completely opposite articles on “Obama`s wars”. Now, I don`t like to call these wars “Obama`s”, just because he dragged us into them. They`re OUR wars. We, American citizens, have to suffer the consequences. Let alone our troops and their families, living in fear every single day. But let`s leave this discussion for some other time and move on the articles that caught my attention. Read more

Why The U.S. Government Is A Two-Faced S.O.B.

Obama 2 faced


Let`s get something straight from the very beginning: the government has always been a two-faced S.O.B. I`m pretty sure it`s written in the job description:

Crucial requirement:

  • pretending to work for the people, while actually working against them at all times. Following one`s own political interest is #1 priority. Disobedience to this rule will be severely punished. Read more

The Clock Is Ticking: Two Months Until The War Begins


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You may not be realizing this, but we`re living some historical moments here. In less than 60 days, we might be going to war again… and this one will not follow the same old “go-and-invade-some-Arab-country” formula. No, this time the enemy is ready to strike back tenfold. Read more

The Horrors Of War – Now And Then -

the horrors of war

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Today we are witnesses of what “horrors of war” truly means. Besides the bloodbath that accompanies every battle, besides the loss of human lives and the destruction of entire cities… there are effects that no reconstruction can… Read more

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