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When Technology Backfires: The New Warfare

We`ve got to face it: war is much scarier and more complex than ever before. Cyberspace has officially become the “fifth domain” for warfare, next to the classic: land, space, air and sea. The Anonymous hacker organization has already won several battles against governments Read more

How To Survive Chemical Warfare – Part I

young victims
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Lately, the USA has been repeatedly threatened with chemical attacks. So far, there was no real sign of a prepared attack, but the situation is so tense that one wrong step could unleash the worst chemical & biological war in history.

There’s no doubt you have… Read more

The Horrors Of War – Now And Then

the horrors of war

Today we are witnesses of what “horrors of war” truly means. Besides the bloodbath that accompanies every battle, besides the loss of human lives and the destruction of entire cities… there are effects that no reconstruction can mend. Effects that linger for decades and destroy, little by little,… Read more


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