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Societal Colappse

Why Are They Keeping Us Poor?

The reasons why the government wants to keep Americans poor have been discussed over and over again for decades now. Some say it`s because poor people are addicted to governmental help, therefore easier to control. Others say they want to bring people to the point where they start a massive violent riot Read more

USA – A Country Of Future Plumbers

As we all know, Obama & co. are very optimistic about the future of our economy. After all, we`ve just made a huge step forward: the U.S. economy has leaped from “fragile” to “cautiously optimistic”, which could be great news if the government hadn`t decided to completely ignore the word Read more

The U.S. Education Failure

I doubt you`d be surprised if I told you the U.S. educational system is not stellar. If it were, MTV would not be making millions of dollars off shows like 16 and Pregnant. Still, I had no idea it Read more

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