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Teach Your Kids NOT To Be Sheeple

Lately, I`ve been reading a lot about the educational system (not only the public one, even well-rated private schools) and how it teaches our kids to be the perfect sheeple. They`ve got an agenda where they must teach kids that being controlled is absolutely normal, that it`s for their own good and they Read more

Why You Should Never Drink Sodas Again

sodadrinksIf you`re wondering what makes sodas so delicious that you just want to drink more and more… it`s flame retardant. I`m kidding. That`s not the ONLY chemical that makes sodas delicious. There are many others, but flame retardant has just been discovered in soft drinks like Mountain Dew, Fanta Orange, Squirt, and some flavors of Gatorade and Powerade. Read more

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