Gaye Levy

The Plight of the Senior Prepper

There are all sorts of prepper’s. Some are rank beginners and others have been practicing family preparedness for twenty years or more. Some live in urban areas and some live in the country. And most assuredly, some are young adults in their twenties and other are in their sixties Read more

What Every Prepper Needs To Know About Hypothermia

Unless you live in the tropics, winter is likely to bring uncertain weather, including bone-chilling temperatures, severe winds, freezing rain and significant snowfall. Needless to say, such conditions are not much fun under the best of circumstances. If there is no power and no heat, the effects of winter are magnified, especially for Read more

26 Five Minute Prepping Projects

26 Five Minute Prepping Projects

One of the excuses used for not prepping is that it takes a lot of time. True enough. Anything that you pursue with passion and intensity is going to take some time. On the other hand, there are plenty of prepping activities that can be undertaken in just five minutes.… Read more


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