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Home Defense – Can be done!

More layers of defense you have more chances of survival you will have. For each of those layers of defense, you have to determine fighting positions, barriers, obstacles and most of all, your kill zones. Now that you have a defensive plan, it’s time to start getting to work on your Read more

5 Disaster Preparation Tips

5 Disaster Preparation Tips

The world is teetering on the brink of another ugly war in the Middle East. The economies are countries around the globe continue to stagnate or tumble. Closer to home, we’re in the onslaught of fires raging and destroying homes and land.

If you were in a recent disaster and… Read more

Sturdy Staples: 8 Foods That Can Outlast You

Sturdy Staples - 8 Foods That Can Outlast You

You’ve just gotten halfway through a recipe, only to discover that a key ingredient is missing because you tossed it during your last cleaning spree.It’s a predicament you shouldn’t have to face again— at least when it comes to the nine kitchen staples we’ve listed here.

When stored properly, these… Read more

Rice and Beans, A Survival Combination

Mexican Riceimage © fudio –

Rice is rich in starch, and an excellent source of energy. Beans are rich in protein, and contain other minerals. The consumption of the two together provides all the essential amino acids and it is no wonder that this combination is a staple of many… Read more

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