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A Big Thank You To Real American Patriots

The Boston Marathon massacre showed us a few crucial things that every single American should acknowledge, starting with Obama and  ending with the victims` families and friends.

#1: We are more vulnerable to terrorist attacks than ever!

You know why? Because “they” got cocky. They invested billions of dollars in the most sophisticated surveillance technology, they caught a few “terrorist suspects”, made a big fuss about killing Bin Laden, threw hundreds in Gitmo just because they looked suspicious… and suddenly, they`re invincible. Nothing can go under their radar without getting the full scan. They know everything everyone has done, is doing or is about to do, right? WRONG!

Now, don`t get me wrong… I`m not saying they should get even MORE paranoid than they already are. I`m saying they should stop trusting technology like it`s God and try to figure out a back-up plan, instead. Gathering blocks of data just for the sake of knowing what every American eats for breakfast may not be the best strategy, just saying…

Especially since…

#2: Our enemies can outsmart us by going back to basics

And the reason for this is quite simple: everyone knows Obama is going out of his way to supervise everything that moves in this country. The only problem is that terrorists are already one step ahead. They`ve either developed anti-surveillance technology of their own (even anti-drone clothing or shields), or they went back to the classic methods: word of mouth. This means they no longer use technology to make terrorist plans, to set up meetings or to implement their attacks. Now they communicate through written notes or face to face, so they can escape Big Brother. And as you can very well see, they`ve reached their goals.

Even the two bombs that exploded on Monday were as basic as they can be. They were made of pressure cookers and filled with shrapnel.



“A pressure cooker can give extra power to an explosion the same way a pipe bomb works. The sealed pot allows the pressure to build up before it tears it apart and sends the contents flying at high speed. The bomb is usually packed with metal scraps, nails and ball bearings to maximize the damage, and the Boston devices were no exception, as the FBI revealed.” (RTAmerica)

But even if we`ve been wounded again, even if we got struck when least expected, there is still that flicker of hope that makes the pain more endurable:

#3: There are many more Real American Patriots out there than we would`ve imagined

A Big Thank You To Real American Patriots01


As District Attorney Dan Conley said in the aftermath of the attack “Moments like these, terrible as they are, don’t show our weakness; they show our strength.”.

And it couldn`t be more true. The U.S. was hit with a load of hatred on Monday, but they responded with love and care. I was astonished to see regular people, just like you and I, suddenly turn into heroes, donating blood, helping victims get medical help, using their belts as tourniquets to stop bleeding limbs…

I saw soldiers from the Tough Ruck crew knock down an entire metal fence to free the victims caught behind it. I saw women carrying rushing children to a safe zone, trying to reach their parents.

I read stories about police officers who ran towards the explosion to save as many lives as possible. These are the brave men who still work on the police force, making us proud.

I`ve heard of fathers who`ve taken their families outside the explosion perimeter and then rushed back in the middle of the crowd, to save other people`s families.

I read about doctors who`ve spent hours in a row operating on patients who`ve lost their limbs or whose bodies were filled with shrapnel. Due to heroes like them, some lucky children will get to hug their moms and dads every day.

And last, but not least, I saw people all around Boston opening their homes to complete strangers and letting them crash on their couch for the night, comforting them and treating them like family.

THIS is what being a Real American Patriot means. It`s not about waving flags and cheering at national holidays. It`s about helping your fellow countrymen when they need it the most. It`s about risking your life to save a family. It`s about sticking together in spite of our enemies` efforts to tear us apart. And, Thank God, we still have enough of these heroes among us!

By Alec Deacon


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